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The No Coast Bias March Madness Bracket Challenge is Here

It’s that time of year, No Coast Bias readers. When office productivity turns directly into poop emojis and we all collectively binge-watch one of the most sublimely insane live television events since Warren Beatty Warren Botched things at the Oscars.

It’s time for The Madness. It’s time for 12-5 upsets that everyone “saw coming” and time for proof that none of us, not guys in suits and ties who make six figures doing it or that one dude at the office who lets his toddler make his picks, has any damn idea what’s going to happen.

We here at No Coast Bias are no different. Do we have the foggiest (*Author’s note: or, as kids today would say: vape-iest) idea who will come out on top? Nah. Are we still going to predict super hard? Yup.

So, come join our futile pursuit of excellence. If you win, you’ll get some free NCB Swag that’ll keep you looking dope as hell.

What else will you win if your bracket comes out on top? A custom-made, widely circulated, epic poem or handcrafted short story that lionizes your greatness. Kind of like this one we did for last year’s winner, Luke Casey.

So, here’s where you go to sign up, talk smack, and complain when your bracket blows up like a cheaply made spy-microwave.

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