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Night of Champions 2013 Predictions


It’s time for another mid-month pay-per-view for WWE; this time it’s Night of Champions: an event that is supposed to feature each title on the line. We are now a quarter of the way through our Road to Wrestlemania prediction competition, and here is where the five-man Nation of Prognostication stands.

One point was added each to Jon, Chris and Derek for correctly predicting the Randy Orton Money in the Bank cash in.


Dillon’s big night resulted in him pulling ahead of Chris. The Otter, Jon Ott, pulled to within one point of Editor-in-Chief Derek Hernandez on top of the leader board.


Kickoff Tag Team Turmoil Match for a WWE Tag Team Championship Match later in the night:
The Prime Time Players vs Tons of Funk vs The Usos vs 3MB vs The Real Americans

Parker: There are going to be a lot of people involved in this match, and I have no idea who is going to finish it up, but I feel 3MB will be eliminated first. After what happened at Money in the Bank, I expected The Real Americans to begin a feud with The Shield. I just think they really need to have a decent face team to battle them; unfortunately the Usos just aren’t on that level. Prime Time Players have been giving the corporation the angry eyes lately. I think that (along with Darren Young recently becoming the first openly gay WWE Superstar) will lead to a feud.
Prime Time Players

Dillon: Usos

Chris: Pre-show will be an exciting match won by thePrime Time Players

Jon: The Prime Time Players

Derek: The Prime Time Players

Alberto del Rio (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship
Parker: I am so sick of ADR; he is boring and has added nothing new in the last year. Every time I pick against him, he wins. So I’m picking him to win because I don’t see them putting a belt on an old guy; they haven’t done it so far. RVD may be Mr. Monday Night, but ADR gets it done on Sundays.

Dillon: RVD wins: the match is in Detroit, and he’s from Battle Creek. But then Sandow cashes in

Chris: I am not a fan of either of these guys but I hate RVD a little less. Look for RVD to get the belt.

Jon: Del Rio

Derek: Del Rio

The Shield (c) vs winners of the Tag Team Turmoil match
Parker: No way Shield drops the titles without a feud. Not happening. But this will start something good.

Dillon: Shield

Chris: The Shield will walk away with their title reign intact after defeating the Prime Time Players.

Jon: Shield

Derek: The Prime Time Players. The Shield don’t need the belts any longer since they’re in the main event storyline.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship
Parker: This will be the best match of Ambrose’s career so far, and I can’t wait to see Ziggly Puff in a title match again. This will be the second best championship match of the night. Still, the new Corporation is not losing a belt so soon. This is going to be the next step in the Zig vs the Corporation feud.
Ambrose retains, but he may not win the match. 

Dillon: Ambrose

Chris: Ambrose

Jon: Ambrose

Derek: Zig

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman
Parker: This is why I loathe the way WWE has its pay-per-views set up. Everything about this match is wrong now. 1) This is Night of Champions, and the Intercontinental Championship is not on the line 2) This match should be a Hell in a Cell Match, but that is two pay-per-views away. Axel will get eliminated by Punk, but Heyman will either get himself disqualified or counted out.

Dillon: Heyman

Chris: Gotta love a handicap match where a guy that can’t wrestle is involved. I can see Heyman bringing out a new henchman or cheating somehow to win but I like Punk for revenge and the W.
CM Punk

Jon: Heyman over Punk.

Derek: Heyman as he introduces a new “Paul Heyman” guy.

AJ Lee (c) vs Natalya vs Brie Bella vs Naomi
Parker: My heart says Natalya. My head says AJ. Business says Brie Bella. I’m going with AJ Lee. She can’t drop it this way, and the other three will just feud with each other.
AJ Lee

Dillon: AJ

Chris: The odds of AJ dropping a pipe bomb the way CM Punk did were slim to none, but she came away with people saying this was one of the greatest moments in Diva history. The chances she walks out of this match still the champ are also very slim but I doubt the WWE will let her big moment be wasted so she will overcome the odds.
AJ Lee

Jon: AJ

Derek: mmm. AJ.

Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship
Parker: This will be a great match since Daniel Bryan doesn’t give bad matches. Plus it’s nice to see their rivalry from earlier this year continue. Orton is a perfect bad guy in this situation. I still feel there is no way he drops the belt this early to Bryan. I see the rivalry coming down to Survivor Series where Bryan has to run some sort of gauntlet throughout the evening, perhaps similar to a turmoil match, in order to earn a shot at Orton that night. It’s a fresh take on the event. Also, I’d love to see a RAW feud between Bryan and Rob Van Dam for the title of Mr. Monday Night.

Dillon: Bryan wins but screwed

Chris: Bryan will steal the show but the McMahon’s and Orton will steal this match. Similar to Stone Cold getting screwed over by Rock and the Corporation there is little chance Bryan could win here. Orton by McMahon for the win

Jon: Orton over Bryan in the match of the show

Derek: Orton, with a load of shenanigans.

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