The NFL Still Hasn’t Donated Any Of Money They Promised To The National Domestic Violence Hotline


This isn’t a big story yet but it has the potential to be.

Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL has been under intense scrutiny ever since the whole Ray Rice incident. Since that video has come out, it’s just been bad report after bad report towards the NFL that snowballed into something they could barely control.

Not giving money to the National Domestic Violence Hotline would be the last thing thing the NFL needs, especially after Goodell announced a financial partnership agreement between the two organizations.

I don’t think it’s surprising that Goodell hasn’t had any exchange in money between the two organizations. The NFL season is in full swing now and all the domestic violence talk is slowly dying down. People aren’t too considered about it anymore. Mostly* every player involved has been either been suspended or put on leave from their team. Most fans probably think the domestic violence problem has been taken care of.

*San Fransisco 49ers defensive lineman is still playing.

The good people at TMZ (never thought I’d say that) are keeping domestic violence somewhat relevant in the NFL with this new report.

Now this is the point where I’d bash Roger Goodell for handling another important situation poorly, but I won’t yet.

Katie Ray Jones, the CEO of the National Domestic Hotline, claimed that the situation has been “complicated” but is moving in “good-faith.”

Take that how you want to but it seems like Goodell and the NFL are trying to get this settled.

Some peoples’ blood might be starting to boil though if he doesn’t settle this soon.


Feature Image: ESPN


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