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Nebraska vs Michigan State Photo Journal

This past Saturday I joined many Husker fans in driving up to East Lansing to see the Huskers take on Michigan State. I had  great time which was definitely helped by another thrilling Husker victory 28-24, led by Taylor Martinez. Here is the game from my point of view in photo form.


Onward to Sparta! Or Spartan Stadium.


Here come the Spartans!


And here comes the Huskers led by Bo Pelini!


Great flag for the Star-Spangled Banner.


Michigan State gave Tom Osborne a present too.


The Spartans have a dog come out a catch a frisbee for some reason..


I had to balance out the dog with a shot of the Husker Cheerleaders. Ms Spartan hat tried to photobomb.


This guy was ready…for 1995.


“Little Sparty” might have been the MVP for MSU.

The Pride of all Nebraska doing work.

Had to get a shot of Rex coming out after halftime. Get well soon!

Taylor fail trying to pick up his own fumble.

This is during the Huskers furious comeback but man wasn’t he cold?

And the comeback is complete! Martinez to Turner for the game winning TD! Celebration!

Scoreboard. Victory.

Always all smiles for a Husker road win.

What a game. The team is showing some real fight and it was a great chilly night to be a Husker fan. I had a great time in East Lansing and would return for sure. Next week the Huskers host a surging Penn State team at home. Unless something crazy happens (again) I will not be seeing the Huskers in person for the 4th game in a row. One streak I hope continues is Nebraska’s win streak. Go Big Red!

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