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Nebraska Red-White Spring Game Diary 2012

What do you mean you can't play in this weather?

Nebraska Red-White Spring Game Diary 2012

*All times are approximate

We’ll all stick together in all kinds of weather
For dear old Nebraska U.
– Nebraska’s “Hail Varsity”

Those lyrics held true and took a literal meaning last weekend.

Although the game was cancelled due to severe weather, I was determined to provide some sort of coverage for you all. To be honest, this is probably way more interesting than any position-by-position breakdown I could have produced.

If you were one of the “lucky” ones that purchased a ticket for this game, the athletic department provided two options for you. Click here for details.

Without further ado, here’s how my Nebraska Red-White Game weekend experience went down…

Friday – 4/13

11:32 AM MST – Started my trek from Denver to the capital of Husker Nation. I knew there was a possibility of some severe weather out in the eastern part of Nebraska over the weekend, but I had no idea what I was about to get myself into.

1:30 PM MST – Drove past Sterling, CO. I know the landscape of Nebraska gets a bad rap, but eastern Colorado isn’t exactly majestic.

4:42 PM CST – I pretty much blacked out once we got to Ogallala and the radio stations started getting a little twangy. Either that or I got “Smashmouth’d”. Seriously, it was like I was in the DeLorean and accidentally typed in the exact time Astro Lounge was released.

THE band in Nebraska back in the day…and every day since then.

Once I got myself out of my Smashmouth trance, I noticed we were approaching that archway near Kearney. Even with the lack of scenery on I-80, no one ever pays attention to that archway so I’m thinking there is some sort of conspiracy going on with the tourism people and construction workers out there. We just so happened to get caught in a very conveniently placed construction zone.

This is one way for me to notice that archway.

6:30 PM CST – I finally rolled into Lincoln. One of my old college buddies and I headed out to the Watering Hole for some food and drinks before we took down the potion later that night. Not sure why we decided to go there as we both think their wings are waaaay overrated. I guess since we planned on going to the N-Zone later that weekend we thought we’d give it another try.

Regardless, the first thing we see when we got seated was THE MAN himself. The leader of the infamous 2007 defense, Mr. Corey McKeon.

C-Mac being C-Mac…

While Suh was at El Portero downing as many burritos as he did QBs during his Husker career, the Watering Hole was treated to Mike the Miz.

Saturday – 4/14

12:47 AM MST – Blacked out from too many Red Bull Vodkas at Harry’s Wonder Bar.

10:40 AM MST – The old lady and I shook off the hangovers and made our way towards O St. and the stadium. The pre-game festivities and usual tailgating spots were way more subdued than normal due to the weather. It really wasn’t raining too badly until we got closer to kick-off time (1PM).

About five minutes into our walk it started to rain a little harder, so we decided to do a little jog to the Union to pick up a few ponchos. After we made our poncho purchase we made our way towards some of the tailgating near the stadium when we noticed a crowd of people just waiting both outside and inside the revolving Union doors. It was raining harder than Money Mayweather at the Bunny Ranch.

The Walking Red

I don’t feel any rain?

11:38 AM MST – After receiving a ton of texts and reading a few message board posts about random power outages (e.g., Embassy Suites and Qdoba) and the game possibly being cancelled, I decided I was going to make it inside that stadium no matter what. I needed to make a move before the AD put the official kibosh on the practice game.

We took off running towards the stadium when we realized it was raining harder than it looked, which is saying a lot. Drenched head to toe, we decided to make a pit stop below the Love Library atrium to catch our breath and dry up as much as we could. I graduated from UNL and I think that was the most time I’d ever spent around that library. We were only under there for about five minutes.

11:50 AM MST – After taking off from underneath the Love Library atrium we finally made it to the stadium. Unfortunately, we were at the wrong ticket gate and for some reason, even though the attendance was obviously going to be low and seating was going to be more than available, they wouldn’t let us in that gate. We did get to check out the progress of the East Stadium expansion project though.

12:03 PM MST – We made it inside the stadium and were among probably 3,000-5,000 die-hard (idiotic?) fans who held out hope the game would still be played.

Die-hards or Idiots? Or both?

12:07 PM MST – The PA announcer was the bearer of bad news. He made it official the game was cancelled but left the door open that it may be played Sunday. He was booed, but it was definitely not a malicious boo. It was more of a “damn-it-I-drove-hours-to-watch-a-practice-and-have-been-standing-out-in-the-rain-for-hours-but-now-I’m-sort-of-relieved” type of boo.

This sums up my feelings about the cancellation announcement

12:08 PM MST – Basically it was a free-for-all inside the stadium because of the lack of security and ushers. I, being all hyped up, had the sudden urge to run around on the field. So I did. It was the most excitement on the field that day. I heard Micah Kreikemeier proposed at mid-field that day, but I missed that.

(Double-click the video above to play)

Like I said…It was a free-for-all in there…

12:11 PM MST – Like the wizard from the Wizard of Oz(borne), Dr. Tom came on the screen and the crowd piped down. He thanked everyone for coming and says…drum roll please… FREE CONCESSIONS FOR EVERYONE INSIDE THE STADIUM. BOOM.

The Wizard of Oz(borne)

12:40 PM MST – For as few attendees as there were at the game, the concession stands sure moved slowly. I wasn’t actually even hungry as I ate before the game, but I was determined to get something out of this experience. I ordered a Runza and only ate about half of it. I was thisclose to spiking the rest of it on the field.

Wasn’t even hungry but I had to take advantage of food on TO’s tab

Post-Game Festivities –

Immediately after I was finished chomping on my Runza we headed out towards Brewsky’s to meet up with another NCB writer. He and his group definitely had a head-start on the old lady and I, but I didn’t care. It was just nice to be dry and actually be drinking.

Post-Post-Game Festivities –

After doing the whole “duck and cover” routine for most of the late afternoon to make sure we weren’t killed by “Tornadapocalypse 2012”, we made our way back downtown.

We slammed a few pitchers of Elk Creek Water at Sanyd’s, took part in a few random USA chants, and then made our way back to Harry’s Wonder bar to do a repeat of the night before.

Check out this local favorite at Sandy’s.

The next day we woke up at about 3:30 PM and had the real best wings in Lincoln at the N-Zone. But that’s an entirely different story 😉



  1. ncbgreg

    April 18, 2012 at 8:14 am

    That video of you running on the field followed by the photobomb of a random kid is so classic! Too bad you don’t know that grilled wings from Watering Hole are actually the best in Lincoln haha

    • ncbderek

      April 18, 2012 at 9:05 am

      Haha. That was definitely the most random 2 minutes I had at Memorial Stadium. I’m sure I’m in the minority with my stance in the whole N-Zone vs. Watering Hole debate but it might be a good poll question when the season starts.

  2. Maritza

    September 29, 2012 at 12:24 am

    I really like it when folks get together and share views.
    Great website, continue the good work!

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