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No Coast Bias Bracket Challenge

March Madness is upon us!

Perhaps the most exclamation point worthy of all declarative statements!  Hell, we may even need two exclamation points to capture the sentiment more effectively!!

We know, we know. You’re probably like us and are suffering from a mild case of bracket-signup fatigue, but you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity, the readers.

Go here and sign up to participate in the No Coast Bias bracket challenge.

We know you’re not working today anyway.  You’re probably downloading Tournament streaming apps and getting your bracket lined up to dominate Carol from over in accounting for the 4th year in a row.  So sign up.  Bracket up. And get ready to embrace the madness.

We’ll post periodic updates on the site that touch on the best brackets, the worst brackets, and it will also likely contain me complaining about how I got screwed by a first round upset of my final four teams.

What’s at stake?

Swag.  And not the fake kind that Justin Bieber references in that song about feeding his girlfriend fondue.  Real, tangible swag.

The winner gets a free No Coast Bias shirt to proudly wear around town.


And, that’s not all.

The winner of the bracket challenge will also get a customized, epic poem written by yours truly proclaiming their greatness and domination above all comers that you will undoubtedly want to frame and hang from your cubicle, your man/woman cave, or above the mantle like a prized hunting trophy.

Sign up.  Good luck.  And please don’t outpick me.


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