NCB Square Table Podcast Ep. 10 & 11

no coast bias square table podcast

NCB Square Table is a new podcast on No Coast Bias. The focus of each podcast is going to be big news/stories going on in the world of sports each week.

People involved include:
Robert Żeglinski (@ZigZags82)
Souriyo Dishak (@SassClown)
Brock Hebner (@BrockTavious)
Nate Vieira (@NathenVieira)

Since I completely forgot to post episode 10 last week you get a double header.

In episode 10 we were short handed once again but the show went on. The squad continued NBA and NHL playoff talks along with some NBA draft lottery.


Episode 11 of the NCB Square Table served as our Stanley Cup and NBA Finals preview. We also touched on Sepp Blatter and the whole FIFA scandal and gave some amateur soccer analysis.

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