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After last week’s awful schedule of games this week will have some really solid games that will help determine the final BCS season. From the showdown in South Bend to the battles down in the SEC, this weekend has great games all over this country. Hopefully that will give the rest of the staff here at No Coast Bias the chance to catch Tate in this Battle for the No Coast Belt. Let’s take a look at the NCB Pick Em standings so far this season.

Standings After Week 4: Battle for the No Coast Bias Belt

Irish are 10-1 all time vs. the Sooners.

Irish are 10-1 all time vs. the Sooners.

1. Tate Vobach – 25-3

2. Chris Hall – 23-5

3.  Tony Bishop – 21-7

4. Derek Hernandez – 19-9

4. Tim Freburg – 19-9

6. Taylor Venema – 18-10

7. Brian Brashaw – 17-11

7. Dave Feit – 17-11

9. Chris Hatch 14-7

So after four weeks it is a very close race and at this point it is anyone’s ballgame. I believe that this week’s games will play out just like conference play does by really challenging the staff to be on their game. So without further ado here are this week’s match ups.

1. Oklahoma @ ND

2. Arizona @ Washington

3. LSU @ Georgia

4. Ole Miss @ Alabama

5. Wisconsin @ Ohio St

6. Virginia @ Pitt

7. USC @ Arizona St



1. Notre Dame- The Irish have played 3 Big Ten teams and Temple. Oklahoma beat ULM, Tulsa and a WVU team that barely beat an FCS team and got blown out by Maryland. The “Belldozer” threw his 1st TD last week. He is very raw and traveling to South Bend. Tommy Rees has won a few of these games in the Coliseum, the Sun Bowl and some late game heroics last year. The Irish are battle tested the Sooners are not Irish 34-30.

2. Washington- I think Rich Rod has a nice squad but to go on the road to Washington and beat them in that crazy environment I just don’t think they are there yet.

3. LSU- Cam Cameron has made the pass relevant again. When was the last time Aaron Murray won a big game? Geaux Tigers!!!!

4. Alabama- Honestly this is not the same Bama team and I love the energy of the young Ole Miss team. Until Bama proves me wrong though I have to stick with them.

5. Ohio State- If not for Pac 12 refs this would be 2 undefeated teams battling. But no matter what these two at night in Columbus or Madison generate enough excitement. The key here is who has the ball last because the defenses are not good. Braxton is back so OSU wins a close one.

6. PITT- The Panthers are 1-1 so far in ACC games and it looks like their defense thinks this is basketball as they gave up 41 and 55 in their first 2 conference games. Virginia is playing their first road game. Pitt wins with free throws down the stretch. 50-49.

7. Arizona State- Rumor has it that Stephen Spielberg was on USC’s campus this week and when asked what his favorite disaster film was he quipped “The Washington State game”

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch

1. Oklahoma @ ND: Oklahoma.  Stoops squeaks out a win with the Bell-Dozer

2. Arizona @ Washington:  ‘Zona.  Take the over on this game.
3. LSU @ Georgia:  Georgia. If Aaron Murray can’t pull this one off, stick a fork in the roasted bulldawgs.
4. Ole Miss @ Alabama:  Bama.  Damn it.
5. Wisconsin @ Ohio St: OSU.  Extra damn it.
6. Virginia @ Pitt: Pitt? I guess.  I was busy mentally burning their AD in effigy.
7. USC @ Arizona St: ASU.  Deuces, Lane.
Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop

1. OU — The Irish just don’t look complete enough to win this game. There’s too many holes and not enough strengths. I will be cheering my ass off for them in section four, I just can’t waste the pick.

2. Washington — there’s good things up in the Northwest and I think they continue.

3. LSU — I think they’re the real deal and will give my next pick a serious run for their money. Might be Les Miles’s best team.

4. Bama — I like Ole Miss but this is a juggernaut and they just don’t have it in them.

5. Ohio St — I hate that I’m picking this hoax of a top five team, but I think the fix is in. The BigTen needs them to go undefeated and they will screw over the Badgers for a second time.

6. Virginia — why? I dunno. I guess I just hate Mark May.

7. ASU — because a million Mark Mays couldn’t compete with the loathing I have for USC. That and USC is terrible.

Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez

1. OU. Blake Bell “outduels” Touchdown Reesus.

2. Washington rolls as the Huskies finally break what seems like an endless loop of 7-win seasons.
3. Georgia. Even though LSU has looked like the best team in the SEC this year, I’m STILL not sold on Mettenberger, so I’m definitely not picking LSU to win between the hedges.
4. That whole upset thing usually works when you’re not talking about it. Sorry, Rebs. #RollTide
5. Wisconsin gives Urban Meyer his first loss in like a decade. Be on the lookout for fake heart attacks.
6. Strange game to be picking, but I’ll go with Pitt here. I’m a big Paul Chryst fan.
7. The Trojans D carries them to yet another win. That hot start to the season by ASU will be long forgotten here in a few weeks.
Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg

1. Oklahoma: Despite going on the road, I think Oklahoma avenges last season’s loss to the Irish.
2. Washington: Huskies are hot. Why not?
3. LSU: Won’t be easy in the Georgia Dome, but it’s not LSU’s first rodeo there.
4. Bama. Yep.
5. Wisconsin: Yet another road-team pick. Not feeling good about this one, but I think Wisconsin’s rushing will be too much for the Buckeyes.
6. Pitt: I flipped a coin for this one.
7. USC: Important game for two 0-1 Pac-12 South teams. I’ve ventured this far with road teams in big games, so why change now?
Taylor Venema

Taylor Venema

picks coming later

Tate Vobach

Tate Vobach

1. Oklahoma @ ND– I have gone back and forth on this one a few times, so I’ll pick the home team. Notre Dame.

2. Arizona @ Washington- I’m a big fan of Steve Sarkisian and Keith Price. Washington.

3. LSU @ Georgia– Hmmm…a toughie. I’ll say Georgia. I don’t know why.

4. Ole Miss @ Alabama– Tough to go against Bama here…will be an entertaining game though.
5. Wisconsin @ Ohio State– I think Ohio State is a bit overrated, but I still think they win this one.
6. Virginia @ PITT– Just because they are at home and that has seemed to work for  me this year….Pitt.
7. USC @ Arizona State– Fork ‘Em Devils.
Brian Brashaw- The Champ

Brian Brashaw- The Champ

Picks coming later

Dave Feit

Dave Feit

1. Oklahoma @ ND: Wait – Is it September or is this a New Year’s Day bowl game? No disrespect to the FCS teams, but these are the types of games we need to see more of. NOTRE DAME

2. Arizona @ Washington: No deep logic behind this one, I’m going with the ranked team. WASHINGTON

3. LSU @ Georgia: Les Miles is due for some crazy trick play that helps them steal a W. LSU

4. Ole Miss @ Alabama: This should be called “The Recruiting Bowl”, (sponsored by Rivals). Ole Miss needs a few more big classes before they can hang with Bama. ALABAMA

5. Wisconsin @ Ohio St: For all intents and purposes, this is your Leaders Division championship game. In my B1G predictions, I have the Buckeyes winning the Leaders, so I’ll take them in this game too. OHIO STATE

6. Virginia @ Pitt: I don’t know if Virginia is on the rise, but something tells me that Pitt is gravitating towards mediocrity. VIRGINIA

7. USC @ Arizona St: I love the picture of the curb with the graffiti “Kiffin” on it, turning it into “Fire Lane Kiffin”. We may see more of that after this game. ARIZONA STATE


Can Wisconsin take down the Buckeyes?

Can Wisconsin take down the Buckeyes?






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