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Jeff Scott has been amazing so far! If you haven't seen him, I suggest you make an effort to do so

Jeff Scott has been amazing so far! If you haven’t seen him, I suggest you make an effort to do so

Another week in the books and another week lives up to the hype that is college football. Bama got their revenge even though Johnny Football did his thing. Notre Dame played like Notre Dame when it mattered to get the W. Nebraska looked like they were going to destroy UCLA, but then they played the second half. Charlie Weis has yet to find that schematic advantage. Jeff Scott is the most exciting player I have seen so far this season and because of that Ole Miss made Mack Brown’s head hurt a little more. Wisconsin may have experienced their worst loss in a long long time. And USC finally looked like a Division 1 football program. Of course in our Pick Em Battle for the third consecutive week a member of our staff went 7-0. Congrats Tony Bishop on perfection.

Your knee has to hit the ground!!!!!!!!

Your knee has to hit the ground!!!!!!!!

Standings After Week 3: Battle for the No Coast Bias Belt

1. Tate Vobach – 19-2

2. Chris Hall – 18-3

3.  Tony Bishop 16-5

4. Lisa Kelly 15-6

5. Chris Hatch 14-7

5. Derek Hernandez 14-7

5. Tim Freburg 14-7

5. Taylor Venema 14-7 

9. Brian Brashaw 13-8 

9. Dave Feit 13-8

Week 3 NCB Pick Em Games-










1. NOTRE DAME- I would imagine the team is going to come out fired up about the loss to Michigan. Fired up about last year’s close game with Purdont. Look for a 100 yard rusher and several touchdowns from the air. This game could be ugly.

2. ALABAMA- I watched last year when Manziel just went off on Bama and I was amazed with the rest of the nation. That performance probably won him the Heisman! But that was last year when Nick Saban had no idea who he was or what Texas A&M was. I also watched my team play Saban in January. After he had time to sit and watch film of the schemes for ND on offense and defense. Roll Tide and Roll Big!

3. UCLA- In week 1 Nebraska gave up 602 yards then in week 2 they gave up 284. Look for this week to be closer to week 1 as this is one of the two best QB’s they will face this season.

4. RICE- The Owls put up 31 against Texas A&M which has a schematic advantage over Kansas. I would look for the Owls to make Charlie Weis wish he was standing in the rain still in New England on Thursday night.

5. OLE MISS- BYU ran for 550 yards on Texas last week and that had to make Jeff Scott and Bo Wallace very happy. Now Texas will try to fix the problems on D but can they match up with this up start SEC team. I say NO!

6. ARIZONA STATE- This game was tough to judge as both teams have played those Little Sisters that Gordon Gee always spoke so highly of. So when in doubt go with history. Arizona State is 8-0 all-time in Sun Devil Stadium vs. Big Ten opponents. The total score for those eight games? 320-111 ASU! Look for the Sun Devils to enter the Top 25 on Monday.

7. BOSTON COLLEGE- Let’s face it USC is a train wreck and as a Notre Dame fan I know that BC gets up for BIG time opponents. Yes they travel, BUT they will be ready to play and help Kiffy out the door.

Chris Hatch
Chris Hatch 3-4

1.  Notre Dame wins.

2. ‘Bama. But I would totally love to see an “F- the haters” game from Manziel, here.
3. Huskers win in a close one.
4. Kansas- Chuck Weis finally gets a “W” that doesn’t end in “hopper with cheese and extra pickles.”
5. Ole Miss.  It’s been real, Mack Brown.
6. Wisconsin takes a tough one on the road.
7. Boston College. It hasn’t been real, Lane Kiffin.
Tony Bishop
Tony Bishop 7-0

1. Notre Dame both impressed and underwhelmed me last week, but Purdue might be the worst team they face all season. Frankly there’s nothing good about West Lafayette football right now. Notre Dame dominates.

2. Alabama- Amari Cooper said it’s not a revenge thing this weekend. Well then we’ll call it a wake up game for Texas A&M. Alabama bludgeons the Aggies and we forget who Manziel is.
3. UCLA- In one of the most not-so-hyped non-conference games that deserves more recognition, the battle of good quarterbacks is finally here. I’ve gone back and forth on this one and I think I’m giving it to UCLA. Anthony Barr will separate himself and the Bruins defense wins it.
4. Rice- Kansas at Rice is somehow going to be an entertaining game. I didn’t say good, I said entertaining. Rice is going the wrong way here and Kansas is still pretty awful. I’m going with the home field team here. Owls, but close.
5. Ole Miss- Talk about two recent disappointments. There’s HUGE troubles in Austin and that’s before the Bulldogs get to town. I think Mack Brown officially joins the hot seat club as Ole Miss picks up a road victory.
6. ASU- Wisconsin hasn’t given up a point so far this year. Arizona State has turned into Gimmick-Team USA on and off the field. Somethings got to give and it’ll be both defenses. ASU gives the Pac 12 their biggest non-conference victory of the season here.
7. USC–  Boston College at USC…I don’t know how to pick this. I think I’m rooting for the stadium to implode, swallowing both fan bases and teams. But I’ll take a USC victory. I think they’re far more talented, and I want Lane Kiffin to keep his job as long as possible. Go Irish.
Derek Hernandez
Derek Hernandez 4-3


1. Notre Dame at Purdue

Domers, and I don’t even think this is close.

2. Alabama at Texas A&M

A&M in a wild shootout. Saban’s head explodes, the Johnny Cam entertains, and Manziel’s legend (and head) grows exponentially. Yeah, this is more wishful thinking than anything.

3. UCLA at Nebraska

UCLA. The Bruins do and possess everything on offense that gives Bo Pelini fits. #Bofence


4. Kansas at Rice 

Rice. The Owls offense looked pretty good against A&M (whose doesn’t?) and I still think KU is still kind of crappy. See what I did there, Charlie?

5. Ole Miss at Texas

Ole Miss. Mack fires Manny (D)iaz and brings in Greg Robinson? Yeah, that’ll fix that terrible Texas run defense. The Rebs win big.

6. Wisconsin at Arizona State

Badgers. Wisky finally plays someone worth a damn…and they still look dominate against a solid ASU team. I don’t think Wisconsin’s shutout streak continues though.

7. Boston College at USC

BC. Kiffin and company are THAT bad. This will be a very low scoring affair though.

Tim Freburg
Tim Freburg 3-4

1. Notre Dame – On a mission.

2. Alabama – Too much time to prepare for Saban and Co.

3. Nebraska – This is more of a prayer than anything.

4. Kansas – Sure, why not?

5. Texas – As enjoyable as their misery is, I think they find their footing against Ole Miss.

6. Wisconsin – Despite playing Cupcake U and Cupcake State, I think Wisconsin takes it.

7. USC – Backs against the wall, but this will give Kiffin a little breathing room.

Taylor Venema
Taylor Venema 4-3


1. Notre Dame at Purdue

MORE LIKE PURDON’T, AMIRITE? No but for real, the Irish cruise.

2. Alabama at Texas A&M

Johnny Football rides in on a tidal wave of autographed merchandise en route to a 35-24 victory. Nick Saban spontaneously combusts.

3. UCLA at Nebraska

Nebraska takes it. Not sure UCLA’s secondary is up to the task and NU establishes just enough control late.

4. Kansas at Rice


5. Ole Miss at Texas

Ole Hugh Freeze adds insult to injury for poor Mack Brown. And we all lol so hard.

6. Wisconsin at Arizona State

I think Arizona State outlasts Wisconsin. Neither team has played anyone yet, but I like the Sun Devils to outlast the Badgers.

7. Boston College at USC

Hell, why not BC. They won’t be intimidated after USC’s showing last week and it’s not like Washington State’s defense is any better than BC’s.

Tate Vobach
Tate Vobach 6-1

1. Notre Dame at Purdue

Going with Notre Dame…for no reason other than the fact that they are better than Purdue (yes, it really is just that simple.)
2. Alabama at Texas A&M
Alabama…no way that Nick Saban lets Texas A&M (Johnny Manziel) win two years in a row. I like Alabama by double digits.
3. UCLA at Nebraska
UCLA…will play inspired after the passing of Nick Pasquale. Look out Huskers.
4. Kansas at Rice
I seriously hate to do this…but…Rice. No comment. I just hope I am wrong.
5. Ole Miss at Texas
This one is tough. Texas looked absolutely horrible last week, but Ole Miss isn’t great either. I’ll go with Texas.
6. Wisconsin at Arizona State
Fork ‘Em.
7. Boston College at USC
Mack Brown AND Lane Kiffin live to see another day.


Brian Brashaw- The Champ
Brian Brashaw- The Champ 4-3


1. Notre Dame @ Purdue – Purdue is the perfect “get right” game for Notre Dame, and they will. Purdue is in danger of appearing in the #sadseven.

2. Alabama @ Texas A&M – On the record, I don’t like either of these teams, but if week one is any indication, Alabama isn’t ready for this level of a game yet, and given Saban’s record that’s blasphemy to say. There will be more points than you think, and A&M wins again.

 3. UCLA @ Nebraska – I’ll be laid up on the couch at home after having a tooth pulled, which means the Husker Monday Marinade may be a bit more colorful, given the pain meds. Nebraska exercises the demons and gets this win.

 4. Kansas @ Rice – I will continue to pick against Kansas until I get it right, which shouldn’t take that long.

 5. Ole Miss @ Texas – All this talk about the defense being bad at Texas. Let’s talk about the QB’s they’ve had. Not a one of them worth a lick since Colt McCoy. And Ndamukong Suh all but ended his career in the Big 12 Championship game. That started the decline, despite Texas winning the game.

 6. Wisconsin @ Arizona State – How many points has Wisconsin allowed this season? Anyone? ZERO. The Sun Devils won’t be able to make the leap form beating up Sac State to hand with Wisconsin after a week off.

 7. BC @ USC – This one hurts. Like watching a proposal at a restaurant and the girl says no. Its awkward because it’s a no-win scenario. Has there ever a less interesting game between two well-known programs. I’m taking USC because of the cross-country travel, and nothing else. I wouldn’t be surprised if the score line is the same as the USA v. Mexico World Cup Qualifier, 2-0.

Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly 5-2

1. Notre Dame at Purdue … Notre Dame should have no problem beating Purduezzzz this week. It should be a good tune up before MSU next week.

2. Alabama at Texas A&M … Bama is going to come out and show Johnny Heisman what football really looks like. Roll Tide!

3. UCLA at Nebraska … Nebraska uses the home field advantage and wins over UCLA.

4. Kansas at Rice … Owls win over the Jayhawks at home. The Owl is more fierce than the Jayhawk this week.

5. Ole Miss at Texas … Ole Miss over Texas … I think this is gonna be a long year for the Longhorns.

6. Wisconsin at Arizona State … ASU wins at home over Wisky.

7. Boston College at USC … Boston College with the win … this is so not going to be SC’s year … Go Eagles!

Dave Feit
Dave Feit 3-4

1. Notre Dame at Purdue – Even if I didn’t have my “always pick ND rule”, I’d still take the Irish. NOTRE DAME

2. Alabama at Texas A&M – For better and for worse, Johnny Manziel is more of a known quantity than he was the last time these two faced off. Even with the 12th Man, I can’t pick against Bama until they give me a reason to. ALABAMA

3. UCLA at Nebraska – The only thing I feel 100% confident about is Nebraska not giving up 653 yards. NEBRASKA

4. Kansas at Rice – In basketball, I’d take KU. In baseball, I’d take Rice. In football? Since “none of the above” is not an option, I’ll go with KANSAS.

5. Ole Miss at Texas – Texas is close to becoming a dumpster fire, and Ole Miss is a program on the rise, but my “always pick ND rule” also applies to the Horns. TEXAS

6. Wisconsin at Arizona State – An intriguing matchup and gauge of how good Wisconsin will be under their new coach. The Pac 12 is not exactly known for defense and the Badgers can score some points. WISCONSIN

7. Boston College at USC – Does Matt Ryan still play for BC? No? Okay, I’ll take USC



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