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Was Eminem really just shocked by our reigning champ Brian Brashaw's epic failure?

Was Eminem really just shocked by our reigning champ Brian Brashaw’s epic failure?

Week 2 brought my first losses of the 2013 season as well as our second 7-0 performer in Tate Vobach. Congrats on taking the lead Tate! If you looked at the picks we had to make there were some good games in there but apparently all you had to do was take the home team as they won all seven games. Next weeks slate will have some rivalries and of course Alabama’s revenge on Johnny Autograph. I will be recovering from my first losses of the season by working and watching the NFL. Happy Footballmas Everybody! #DethroneBrashaw

STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 2: Battle for the No Coast Bias Belt

1. Tate Vobach – 13-1

2. Chris Hall – 12-2

3. Chris Hatch – 11-3

3. Tim Freburg – 11-3

5. Derek Hernandez – 10-4

5. Taylor Venema – 10-4

5. Dave Feit – 10-4

5. Lisa Kelly – 10-4

 9. Brian Brashaw – 9-5

9. Tony Bishop – 9-5


1. Notre Dame @ Michigan
2. South Carolina @ Georgia
3. Southern Miss @ Nebraska
4. South Dakota @ Kansas
5. Florida @ Miami
6. WVU @ Oklahoma
7. Western Kentucky @ Tennessee



1. NOTRE DAME– Any fan of these two teams should probably try to relax as much as possible during the day because as the last few games have shown us this is a final second kind of game. Two years ago Tommy Rees led his team for what appeared to be a winning TD. Of course the “Shoelace” and some shoddy corner play cost the Irish the game. This year Tommy Rees is still in Blue and Gold but D-Rob plays in Jacksonville. Nail-biting Irish win!

2. GEORGIA– Last week Georgia was on fire only problem was Tajh Boyd was even better. This week the contend with Clowney and the Gamecocks, another tough team. I just cannot fathom the Dawgs losing 2 in a row. Bulldogs in another close one.

3. NEBRASKA– Last week Nebraska gave up 2 games worth of yards to Wyoming. This week will probably be the same but they will put up enough of their own to win.

4. KANSAS- I could see Weis using his schematic advantage to lose this game. But I will stay with the safe pick and go Rock-Chalk.

5. MIAMI- If Kirk Herbstreit was willing to pick Toledo against the Gators in The Swamp, there has to be a reason. I mean they are part of that SEC thing aren’t they? The opponent this week is The U and lets be honest not one player on Toledo had the skill set of a Duke Johnson. I think Kirk was off by one week and with a noon start the Gators better be awake for this one.

6. OKLAHOMA- Last year these teams put up over 1400 yards combined. Last week WVU almost lost to William & Mary. This week Oklahoma may put up 1400 by themselves.

7. WESTERN KENTUCKY- Bobby Petrino knows the SEC and last week he proved he knew his roster as well. The Hilltoppers are going to climb Rocky Top and take down their 2nd SEC opponent in a row.

Chris Hatch
Chris Hatch- 5-2

1. Michigan Wins.  Lou Holtz slobberingly disapproves.

2. Georgia comes back for a bounce-back win.  Clowney continues to look more gassed than a Shell station with dollar off specials at the pump.

3. Nebraska wins.  Nebraska f-ing BETTER win.  The defense will have a bounce-back game and I will read way too much into it.  Again.

4. KU Wins.  KU Coach, Chuck Weis watches the first half from a Golden Corral before realizing he was supposed to be there.

5. Florida wins.  Will Muschamp continues to look like Bill Callahan.

6. Oklahoma wins.  Stoops continues to dominate when it doesn’t matter.

7. Western Kentucky wins.  Bob Petrino rides off into the sunset.  On a motorcycle.  With a 20-year-old.  And then promptly crashes.

Tony Bishop
Tony Bishop- 4-3

1) NOTRE DAME- After watching Devin Gardner underwhelm me last weekend against a very pedestrian defense, I just don’t see how he can fare any better than Denard Robinson last season. Notre Dame defense wins it.

20 SOUTH CAROLINA- Both South Carolina and Georgia have some minor issues to work out, but at least the Gamecocks were able to walk away (albeit winded) with a win last week. USC wins another close one. Mike Richt burned in effigy.

3) NEBRASKA- Southern Miss is just what the doctor ordered for a very ill Nebraska defense. The Huskers are going to lose a bad game this year unless they fix their problems but it won’t be against the Golden Eagles. Nebraska big.

4) KANSAS- Kansas should be embarrassed to even be playing South Dakota but then again, they can’t beat any team on the rest of their schedule. Kansas wins the game but loses serious respect points.

5) FLORIDA– Florida has no offense. Miami has no fundamentals. Both teams exhibit speed. I think it’ll be very fast paced but not a clean contest like Clemson-Georgia. Turnovers favor defenses and Florida dominates there. Gators win.

6)OKLAHOMA- Oh West Virginia…you’ve dropped so far from your start last season. Oklahoma is better this year than last year and the Mountaineers lost far too much offense to the NFL. Boomer Sooner.

7) WKU– Western Kentucky is my new favorite team now that Boise State is out like goldfish platform boots and Tennessee is a joke lately. Bobby Petrino has never lost to the Vols (I don’t care if it’s only one game). Wave that Red Towel Hilltoppers

Derek Hernandez
Derek Hernandez- 5-2

1. Notre Dame in a highly entertaining game. I’ve never seen a team coming off an 8-5 season and with so few returning starters get so much hype as Michigan. I think the Irish D will be too much for Gardner and Co.

2. South Carolina. Aaron Murray continues his woes against ranked opponents. He’s 4-11 against ranked competition. That one Dawg fan that called into that radio station will be on suicide watch.

3. The Big Red. I still think the “Blackshirts” give up 20+ and Martinez turns the ball over at least twice though. Then it’s #UCLAWeek

4. KU. I don’t have much else to say about this one.

5. Miami. Florida had one of the strangest 11-2 seasons in recent memory last year and I think their lack of offense will catch up to them here. This will be a signature win for Mr. Golden.

6. OU in a game that’ll be 70-55, or something like that. Remember when the Sooners used to roll out dominant defenses?

7. Tennessee. They better enjoy this one though. Have you seen their sched?

Tim Freburg
Tim Freburg- 5-2

1. Michigan – I went Blue just by virtue of this being played in Michigan. Should be a good game.

2. South Carolina – I think Georgia falls to 0-2, despite getting the OBC at home.

3. Nebraska – My complete dismissal of Wyoming was clearly locker room material for them last week, so this time I’m saying Nebraska … but in a close one!

4. Kansas – Despite being a “pile of crap” and having a big upset in the state of Kansas rece5-2ntly, I think the Jayhawks manage to get this one.

5. Florida – I hate myself for this, but when in doubt, go SEC.

6. Oklahoma – No Geno? No Tavon? No chance.

7. Tennessee – Couldn’t bring myself to pick the upset. The Vols have to be more prepared than Kentucky was. Right?

Taylor Venema
Taylor Venema- 5-2

1. Notre Dame @ Michigan I like Notre Dame. The defense is strong and I think they though out the Michigan offensive line. Not to mention, Gardner was a little turnover-happy in week one (two picks) and I think the Irish make him pay.

2. South Carolina @ Georgia I think the Ol’ Ball Coach and SC take advantage of a weary Georgia and kick the Dawgs while they’re down.

3. Southern Miss @ Nebraska Nebraska. Todd Moenken’s up-tempo offense won’t take the Blackshirts by surprise but expect receivers Tyre’oune Holmes and Rickey Bradley (combined for 19 catches and 289 yards in week one) to challenge the tackling-challenged NU secondary.

4. South Dakota @ Kansas Kansas’ only win in 2012 came against an FCS squad. I think Weis pulls this one out, too.

5. Florida @ Miami Heck, I’ll take Miami to pull out the upset, with the Canes’ explosiveness on offense making the difference.

6. WVU @ Oklahoma Oklahoma wins a barnburner.

7. Western Kentucky @ Tennessee So tempted to pick WKU to pull the upset but I think Butch Jones and Tennessee take this one.

Dave Feit
Dave Feit- 5-2

1. Notre Dame @ Michigan:  I have a simple rule for Notre Dame in pick ’em contests:  always pick to win.  Why?  If they win, I get a boost in my pick ’em.  If they lose, I get a boost in my day.  It’s a win/win. NOTRE DAME

2. South Carolina @ Georgia:  ESPN loves them some Clowney, and with Clemson taking the shine off of Georgia, the Spurrier love will be high.  So for no good reason, I’m taking GEORGIA

3. Southern Miss @ Nebraska:  Maybe if I keep saying “this should be over by halftime”, I’ll eventually be right…NEBRASKA

4. South Dakota @ Kansas:  As amusing as it would be to have the Dakota Domination of football in the Sunflower state continue, I have an odd hunch that Charlie Weis may surprise a team or two this year. KANSAS

5. Florida @ Miami:  Mr. Peabody?  Fire up the Wayback Machine for when this was a marquee game. FLORIDA

6. WVU @ Oklahoma:  A year ago, I would have been tempted to take WVU, but with G-E-N-O starting for the J-E-T-S, I’m taking OKLAHOMA

7. Western Kentucky @ Tennessee:  If a Sun Belt team beats SEC teams in back-to-back weeks, they’ll likely find themselves ranked in the Top 10 next week, with an inside track to the Sugar Bowl. TENNESSEE

Tate Vobach
Tate Vobach- 7-0

1. Notre Dame @ Michigan 

This one is tough…I’ll pick Michigan, just because there are a handful of Domers on the NCB Staff.

2. South Carolina @ Georgia

Another tough one…I’ll say Georgia, don’t think they lose two in a row.

3. Southern Miss @ Nebraska 

ANOTHER tough one (cue all the Nebraska fans on staff getting mad at me for thinking this is a tough pick)…I’m kidding. Southern Miss has almost 500 yards, but Nebraska wins by 10+.

4. South Dakota @ Kansas

Finally an easy one…ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.

5. Florida @ Miami 

Duke Johnson and Stephen Morris are for real.

6. WVU @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma (and it’s not even close).

7. Western Kentucky @ Tennessee

I really want to pick Western Kentucky here…but I can’t get myself to do it. Vols win it in a close one.

Brian Brashaw- The Champ
Brian Brashaw- The Champ- 3-4

1. Notre Dame @ Michigan – I don’t believe in Notre Dame this season, so as much as I hate to, I go blue.

2. South Carolina @ Georgia – South Carolina. Until Georgia can beat someone in a big game, I go against them. Georgia and Oklahoma have the same big game syndrome.

3. Southern Miss @ Nebraska – If you read the Sad Seven, Southern Miss is the second worse team in the country and on a 13 game losing streak. Make it 14.

4. South Dakota @ Kansas – The FCS world-beaters continue. This is the one that breaks Weis’ back. When will Kansas stop hiring overweight blowhards?

5. Florida @ Miami – I don’t believe in this pick.

6. WVU @ Oklahoma – WVU had to come from behind to beat William and Mary and Oklahoma pitched a shut out. They may do it again.

7. Western Kentucky @ Tennessee – The fighting, cheating Petrino’s beat another SEC foe.

BOOK IT! There will be no #dethrownBrashaw (yes there will)

Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly- 5-2

Sorry, I’m late to the party. Had a last-minute ER trip yesterday! Here are my picks!!

1. Notre Dame
2. Georgia
3. Nebraska
4. Kansas
5. Florida
6. Oklahoma
7. Tennessee



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