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One thing is certain, if this week’s games can live up to last week’s games, we the fans are in for another amazing weekend. Last week was all about chaos as 6 Top 10 teams fell and let me tell you if that transpires again I will be ecstatic. Due to many staffers not submitting picks it looks like I should be able to come out as the Champ unless the wheels come off. Paging Mr. Hernandez, one title belt to Ohio!


Stunning Steve Austin

Stunning Steve Austin

1. Chris Hall 48-15

2. Tony Bishop – 46-17

3. Tim Freburg – 43-20

4. Derek Hernandez – 40-16

5. Tate Vobach – 37-5

6. Chris Hatch 36-20

6. Dave Feit 36-20

8. Brian Brashaw – 27-15

9. Taylor Venema 23-12

As for the games this week I think we have some good ones. Well except for the weekly who is going to beat Kansas section of the Pick em contest. This week Baylor may score 100 or the mercy rule will be in play.

1. ND vs Air Force

2. UCLA vs Oregon

3. Penn State vs Ohio State

4. Baylor vs Kansas 

5. Nebraska vs Minnesota

6. Texas Tech vs Oklahoma

7. Stanford vs Oregon State

Chris Hall

Chris Hall 4-3

1. Notre Dame – If you watched the 2nd half last week and saw the Rees-less Irish offense you will understand why hearing Rees will be playing this weekend had the Irish faithful(this guy included) let out a collective hallelujah. Luckily Air Force is not very good so even a Rees at 50% will manage to let Ridiculously Photogenic McDaniel, GA3, Carlisle and Folston run all over the field for a win.

2. Oregon – UCLA is a nice story but Oregon is like nothing the Bruins have or will face this season.

3. Penn State – Sanctions trimmed, Michigan beaten in quadruple overtime and now the nation’s longest winning streak would be quite the run for Hackenberg and the Lions. Pick em!

4. Baylor – No Way the Bears lose here. Starting to remember a certain article proclaiming the Bears as contenders this year and everyone laughed. Including our own Tate Vobach take a look.

Bold Baylor Prediction

5. Nebraska – Tried to come up with a reason for this and all I can say is that I only like that Gopher from Caddyshack so go Cornhuskers!

6. Texas Tech – If Tech can keep winning November 16th will be a huge day for the Big 12.

7. Stanford – The Cardinal are going to deliver the wood to the Beavers.

Dave Feit

Dave Feit 6-1

1. ND vs Air Force – Is it unpatriotic to pick against one of the service academies? NOTRE DAME

2. UCLA vs Oregon – I’m not sold on UCLA being a top tier team. I’m convinced Oregon is. OREGON

3. Penn State vs Ohio State – Penn State got two weeks to prep for the Buckeyes, but it won’t be enough. OHIO STATE

4. Baylor vs Kansas (Why even bother maybe does Baylor score 100 or Not) – I’ve seen 74.5 for an over/under, so I’m taking BAYLOR and UNDER

5. Nebraska vs Minnesota – Are the Gophers getting ready for a “Win it for Jerry Kill” run? Maybe, but unless Nebraska brings their “C” game, it won’t be enough. NEBRASKA.

6. Texas Tech vs Oklahoma – I really want to pick Tech, but it seems to me that in this series, Tech has a nasty habit of getting jobbed by the refs. In the XII, always go with the name brand. OKLAHOMA

7. Stanford vs Oregon State – The 14 year old in me want to pick the Beavers, but the non-juvenile side says to go with the nerds. STANFORD

Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 6-1

1. Notre Dame is starting to pick things back up on defense and look like the team they were last season. But will Tommy Rees play? Air Force just isn’t talented enough on both sides of the ball. Notre Dame wins it.

2. UCLA is fun to watch and I”ll be rooting for them, but I think this is the year that Oregon finally plays Alabama. Ducks fly together.
3. Penn State is barely mediocre. Ohio State is way overrated. But the Buckeyes always step it up when they need to. Ohio State win.
4. Baylor Will score more points that Kansas has plays. Mark it down.
5. Nebraska is finally getting some positive momentum and Minnesota isn’t good. Huskers take another easy win.
6. Can Texas Tech keep it rolling? Can Oklahoma salvage their season? Yes to both. Sooners win a close one.
7. Stanford is done with midterms now, and I expect them to give Oregon State the loss they sorely deserve.
Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch 4-3

1.  ND vs Air Force: Notre Dame wins.

2.  UCLA vs Oregon: Oregon wins.  Marcus Mariota continues to put up what Jim Irsay would call “Star Wars: Episode 4, A New Hope” stats.
3.  Penn State vs Ohio State: Penn State wins.  Ohio State has to lose sometime.  Or so I keep telling myself.  I feel like I’ll regret this pick.
4.  Baylor vs Kansas: Baylor wins.  What’s the spread on this one? 1,000,000,000,000,000?
5.  Nebraska vs Minnesota: Nebraska wins.  Hopefully Taylor Martinez looks nimble, agile, and well-rested.
6.  Texas Tech vs Oklahoma: Texas Tech wins.  All hail Kliff Kingsbury!
7.  Stanford vs Oregon State: Stanford wins.  OSU Quarterback Sean Mannion throws for 400+.  Because that’s what he does.
Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez 6-1

1. ND vs Air Force – ND. I don’t have much else to say about this one.

2. UCLA vs Oregon – Oregon. UCLA is yet another opponent Stanford softened up for the Ducks.

3. Penn State vs Ohio State – I’m tempted to side with the popular upset pick this week, but nah. Buckeyes dominate this game and silence the critics for a week.

4. Baylor vs Kansas (Why even bother maybe does Baylor score 100 or Not) – If Charlie Weis thought his team was a pile a crap last year, what’s he going to think when they get rolled by 70+?

5. Nebraska vs Minnesota – If Armstrong starts, the Huskers roll. If Bo Pelini plays QB Roulette and plays T-Mart, RKIII and Tommy, then the score is going to be close.

6. Texas Tech vs Oklahoma – Coach Gosling finally goes down. Sooners.

7. Stanford vs Oregon State – Stanford. I can’t get that Eastern Washington loss for Oregon State out of my head. Plus, Stanford is good.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 6-1

1. Notre Dame: Shouldn’t be too tough.

2. Oregon: Still haven’t seen a reason to pick against them.

3. Ohio State: And another team I’m not ready to pick against.

4. Baylor: Um, yeah. Baylor should be disappointed if they don’t stack at least 70 on the Jayhawks.

5. Nebraska: I really hope this game doesn’t need the kind of comeback required for the last game I traveled to: Northwestern in 2012. Yikes.

6. Oklahoma: I give the edge to the Sooners at home.

7. Stanford: Cardinal > Beaver

Get well Tommy I got this!

Get well Tommy I got this!

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