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seminoleWhat a weekend! I for one love chaos so this was the weekend for me for sure. Excited to see how it all plays out with the BCS debut and what is in store for the rest of this season. Here is how things shook up this week.

Florida State vs Clemson

USC vs Notre Dame

UCLA vs Stanford

Oklahoma vs Kansas

Florida vs Missouri

Washington vs Arizona State

Texas A&M vs Auburn

Unfortunately the staff submission is small this week as it has trailed off since the beginning of the season but here are the standings followed by this weeks Pick Em picks.


1. Chris Hall 44-12

2. Tony Bishop – 40-16

3. Tate Vobach – 37-5

3. Tim Freburg – 37-19

5. Derek Hernandez – 34-15

6. Chris Hatch 32-17

7. Dave Feit 30-19

8. Brian Brashaw – 27-15

9. Taylor Venema 23-12

Chris Hall

Chris Hall 6-1

1. Florida State – I really want to believe in Clemson and a part of me will be pulling for them tonight but eventually they will live up to their reputation.

Awe look Lane must have offered to paint the field

Awe look Lane must have offered to paint the field

2. Notre Dame – The media has been cute this week picking the Trojans. But ND is no Arizona and USC is no good. Irish eyes will be smiling.

3. Stanford – The Cardinal do not have tests at school this week and they have to be angry after the loss at Utah.

4. Oklahoma – Poor Poor Charlie…..

5. Mizzou – The battle of the back up Quarterbacks goes to the new kid on the block.

6. Arizona State – High powered offenses could put up 100+ points. Devils are more high powered though.

7. Texas A&M – Auburn has played well so far and Nick Marshall is back unfortunately Johnny Football is also playing. A&M will win big.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 3-4

1. Clemson: Jameis likely won’t have enough “famous.”

2. Notre Dame: I think the Irish limit USC’s big plays from the week before.

3. Stanford: Coming off a loss, they’ll be ready to brew some trouble for the Bruins.

4. Oklahoma: Ultimate let-down game? Possibly. But I doubt it.

5. Florida: Too much defense for the Tigers without Franklin.

6. Washington: Picks involving ASU never seem to go my way. I’m taking Washington, so bet heavily on the Devils.

7. Texas A&M: He certainly ain’t Johnny B. Goode, but we’ll see a little “Go, Johnny, go.” That was dumb. But whatever. I’m taking A&M despite last week’s scare.

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch 2-5

1. Florida State vs Clemson: Clemson wins.  Never bet on a guy named “Jimbo” to win anything other than a crayfish eating contest in a bayou showdown on Swamp People.

2. USC vs Notre Dame:  Notre Dame wins.  But not by much.  Will Ferrell continues to be the only highlight of USC’s season and head coach Ed Orgeron will consider starting him at running back.

3. UCLA vs Stanford: I’m taking UCLA, here.  Even though I feel like Stanford could easily win, I’m going all-in on Hundley.

4. Oklahoma vs Kansas: Oklahoma.  By the circumference of Charlie Weis’ belt.  (*Author’s note: I’m running out of “Charlie Weis is fat” jokes at a startling pace)

5. Florida vs Missouri: Oh, my God!  Am I really about to pick Mizzou to stay undefeated?  Am I really going to do that?  Nope.  You’ve been Pinkel’d.  Florida wins in spite of Will Muschamp.  Also, I Googled “Gary Pinkel” and these were the top suggestions:

Inline image 2

You, dog, Pinkel.  You dog!

6. Washington vs Arizona State: Washington wins.  ASU’s fans attempt to sarcastically slow-clap their team off the field but their hands are too slick with hair gel and tanning lotion.

7. Texas A&M vs Auburn: A&M wins.  Has anyone suggested that Johnny Football goes as John Hancock for Halloween yet?

Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 6-1

1. Florida State is going to win this one, because they’re more likely to lose to a bad team later, thus ending any chance of the ACC having a shot at the national title. I might be the only person in America that wants to give Clemson a shot at Alabama.

2. USC had a nice little feel good party last weekend, but Notre Dame is more talented right now, and it’s almost impossible to defeat Brian Kelly after a bye week. Irish win under the home lights.

3. UCLA is a nice little story, but Stanford is going to be looking for an excuse to pound something after that bad loss to Utah. Cardinal. And probably big.

4. Oklahoma is going to have a similar week to Stanford. They’re going to score. And score. And score. And score. The clock is the only thing that can stop the Sooners this weekend.

5. Okay. I was wrong about Missouri. But I haven’t been wrong about Florida yet. They’re a bad offensive team with an above average defense. Taht’s not enough. Tigers win.

6. Washington’s run is over. It was fun, but reality was bound to set in. Arizona State is too good offensively to lose this game.

7. Auburn is supposed to be a big opponent for a lot of teams this year…but Auburn sucks. Aggies win.

Good luck gentleman and hopefully we see you with a much richer edition of No Coast Bias Pick Em next week.

And the award for coolest uniforms goes to.....The Ducks

And the award for coolest uniforms goes to…..The Ducks


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