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Let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to all that will read this post. Finally with the holidays upon us comes the most exciting time in the world of college football where championships will be up for grabs in conferences, a Heisman will be won and bowl games will capture the attention of the nation until the final game in January. Here at No Coast Bias we wind down on our regular season pick em as well and then on to Bowl season. This week has some pretty big match ups that should decide who plays in that final game this January.

  1. Notre Dame vs Stanford
  2. Alabama vs Auburn
  3. Ohio State vs Michigan
  4. Clemson vs South Carolina
  5. Texas A&M vs Mizzou
  6. Nebraska vs Iowa
  7. UCLA vs USC

Lots of mediocrity this week as we all finished with the same record at 3-4. Next week will be the last week of the season and then we will have a bowl off. Hopefully all the cast mates from the season will return for that one.



1. TONY BISHOP 70-28 (3-4)

2. CHRIS HALL 68-30 (3-4)

2. TIM FREBURG  68-30 (3-4)

4. DEREK HERNANDEZ 59-32 (3-4)


Chris Hall

Chris Hall 3-4

1. NOTRE DAME – The Irish will make Kevin Hogan throw the ball more than 25 times and in the 2 games that has happened the Cardinal have lost.

2. Bama – Auburn is a nice story but they have been lucky. Alabama is just damn good and that 3 peat is something that will keep them focused. Lose here and they play in a non BCS bowl.

3. Ohio State – This could get ugly and I can hear the voice from Mortal Combat telling Urban to “FINISH HIM!”

4. CLEMSON – Tajh Boyd deserves to go out with a BCS appearance.

5. MIZZOU – Johnny Football does not play defense and neither do the Aggies. Mizzou wins a signature win for their program.

6. IOWA – Iowa runs the ball well and I believe they take it at home.

7. USC – Coach O makes it that much harder on Pat Haden to hire someone different.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 3-4

  1. Stanford
  2. Alabama
  3. Ohio State
  4. South Carolina
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Nebraska
  7. USC
Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez 3-4

  1. Notre Dame vs Stanford – This will be a slugfest, but I think Stanford pulls this one out to get revenge for last year’s loss.
  2. Alabama vs Auburn – Auburn starts off hot, but Alabama comes back and wins because BAMA.
  3. Ohio State vs Michigan – Ohio State in a laugher.
  4. Clemson vs South Carolina – Clemson, unless they pull a Clemson.
  5. Texas A&M vs Mizzou – A&M in the Battle of Big XII Cast-offs.
  6. Nebraska vs Iowa – Nebraska wins, the fans lose. I’m just hoping for both teams to make double-digits so I don’t fall asleep.
  7. UCLA vs USC – UCLA. The big question is, does Coach O got a chance to keep the HC gig? I don’t think so.
Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 3-4

  1. Notre Dame vs Stanford. As much as I would love to pick the Irish I just don’t trust the offense to score points. Stanford and the under.
  2. Alabama vs Auburn. As much as I would love to pick the Tigers I just don’t trust the offense to score points. Bama rolls.
  3. Ohio State vs Michigan. I hate both of these teams, but I don’t think I could ever pick Michigan. Ohio State wins another.
  4. Clemson vs South Carolina. I think Tajh Boyd is too much for the ol Ball Coach. Clemson wins.
  5. Texas A&M vs Mizzou. Mizzou is a better all around team and they solidify the end of the Heisman campaign for Manziel.
  6. Nebraska vs Iowa. Nebraska just to appease our readers. And Iowa is awful.
  7. UCLA vs USC. In what should have been a Pac12 play-in game, USC rides the wave to own the LA cup. No one notices though.


Like an exit on American Idol, Brady will have a bad day.

Like an exit on American Idol, Brady will have a bad day.


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