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These next three weeks will decide everything. The Heisman, Conference Championships, Bowl match ups and of course the top 2 teams in this year’s BCS National Title game. Of course like last year upsets will help shape this season’s final story but there are still some heavy match ups to weed out pretenders from contenders. Somewhere along the line two of the undefeated teams shall fall but when this happens is anyone’s guess. Of course another undefeated team out in Fresno, California can also make some noise still by breaking up the BCS party and if they should fall Northern Illinois and Heisman hopeful Jordan Lynch hold on to hopes of erasing last season’s pitiful showing against the Seminoles. Now onto this week’s Pick em games and standings followed by our predictions.

  1. Baylor vs Oklahoma State
  2. Texas A&M vs LSU
  3. Arizona State vs UCLA
  4. Nebraska vs Penn State
  5. BYU vs Notre Dame
  6. Mizzou vs Ole Miss
  7. Kansas vs Iowa State


Derek will this be my trophy?

Derek will this be my trophy?

1. TONY BISHOP 67-24 (6-1)

2. CHRIS HALL 65-26 (3-4)

2. TIM FREBURG  65-26 (6-1)

4. DEREK HERNANDEZ 56-28 (3-4)

5. CHRIS HATCH 51-33 (2-5)



Chris Hall

Chris Hall 3-4

1. BAYLOR – I remember in August some guy predicted Baylor in National Title game. I laughed, you laughed and someone here even wrote an article about how dumb that guy was. Well here we are with 3 weeks remaining and what do you know the Bears (a team I despise after ruining my Irish’s chance of playing K-State last year) are close to making that insane preseason pic correct. Okie  State is a tough team but Baylor is a record breaking machine.

2. TEXAS A&M – If this was a night game down in the Bayou I would pick the Tigers. Since it is not look for Johnny Football to be throwing signs like a gang member. Maybe he can sign Les Miles hat.

3. UCLA – I hate to pick against the Sun Devils but Miles Jack is just one of those stories I want to keep watching.

4. NEBRASKA – I have been burned by the Huskers all year every week I pick them to do something they do the opposite. So sorry Husker fans I like your team this week.

5. NOTRE DAME – It is Senior Day in South Bend and I will miss these kids. Look for this game to surprise many who are claiming a close game. Tommy to T.J. all day long.

6. MIZZOU – If you look at Ole Miss their only losses are to Auburn, Alabama and Texas A&M but other than beating LSU and Texas they have beaten no one. This game will be close and Mizzou’s dream season will continue.

7. KANSAS – Charlie Weis won 2 games in a row 20 times at Notre Dame. With Kansas this will happen for the first time this week. I am one ND fan rooting for Charlie to make it happen.

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch 2-5

Much like Nebraska, I have nothing left to play for in the NCB Pick ’em Challenge.  But I’m not packing it in, just yet.  Remember the Alamo (bowl where the Huskers will be lucky to play)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.  Baylor vs Oklahoma State: Baylor wins.  Although I’d love to see Art Briles botch one as he and the Bears trip over his gigantic pile of cash.
2.  Texas A&M vs LSU:  Awesome game.  I’m taking A&M.  I still say Manziel deserves the Heisman, even though he’s a world class bag.
3.  Arizona State vs UCLA: UCLA.  The fans will have a tan off.  America will lose.
4.  Nebraska vs Penn State:  Nebraska wins.  Christian Hackenberg?  More like Christian Whackenberg!  Amiright?  Amiright?!?!
5.  BYU vs Notre Dame: Notre Dame wins.  The Book of Mormon slams shut on an uneventful season.
6.  Mizzou vs Ole Miss: Ole Miss Wins.  Pinkel’d.
7.  Kansas vs Iowa State: KU takes the cake.  Then Charlie Weis eats that cake.
Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 6-1

1. The fairy tale ends this week for Baylor, as they fall to the Cowboys on what will likely be the happiest day in Eugene. Errr…Columbus.

2. LSU keeps their BCS hopes alive with arousing smack down on the most overrated football player since Tim Tebow.

3. Offense vs. Defense? I gotta go with the UCLA defense over anything Rich Rodriguez does.

4. Nebraska may have actually made a minor believer out of me. I give them a lot of credit for their improvement this season, and Penn State will fall to the Huskers as well.

5. Tommy Rees and the Notre Dame seniors will go out on top. I just don’t think BYU is very good and this one will likely remind us all of the Air Force game.

6. Mizzou takes down perennial disappointment Ole Miss.

7. Kansas struck gold last weekend. This weekend they hit the wall. Iowa State.

Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez 3-4

1. Baylor vs Oklahoma State – My heart says Baylor, but my head says the dream season ends here. Okie Lite for the win.

2. Texas A&M vs LSU – My money is on the Money Manziel and Co.

3. Arizona State vs UCLA – UCLA in a sneaky good match-up.

4. Nebraska vs Penn State – I’ll never route against my alma mater, but for the greater good…eh. Nevermind. Nebraska pulls out an ugly win against PSU.

5. BYU vs Notre Dame – BYU. Upset Special.

6. Mizzou vs Ole Miss – Ole Miss. Upset Special II.

7. Kansas vs Iowa State – Iowa State in a close one against an improving KU squad.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 6-1

1. Baylor

2. LSU

3. Arizona State

4. Nebraska

5. Notre Dame

6. Mizzou

7. Iowa State

On the Brink of Pasadena!

On the Brink of Pasadena!

Matt James should be enjoying playing his final game in South Bend today. R.I.P. Matt.

Matt James should be enjoying playing his final game in South Bend today. R.I.P. Matt.


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