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Not only are things getting crazy in college football with 4 serious undefeated teams and a very solid 1 loss Stanford team but right here in the No Coast Bias Pick Em Battle for the Belt we now have a tie at the top between myself and another Notre Dame fan Mr. Tony Bishop. And to make things even more interesting we have Tim Freburg sitting just 3 wins behind the two of us. Now if Tony, Tim and myself start to lose consistently Mr. Wrestlemania 30 and the founder of No Coast Bias Derek Hernandez sits 8 wins behind us. However that would be a monumental collapse for Derek to pull this one out with just a few weeks remaining. This week we have some solid match-ups to pick from including 2 of the 5 teams battling to play in the Rose Bowl for the last BCS title. The other games excluding Kansas should be some exciting contests. Let’s see what we got on the docket this week.

  1. Stanford vs USC
  2. Michigan State vs Nebraska
  3. West Virginia vs Kansas
  4. Oklahoma State vs Texas

    Illibuck trophy is probably OSU's this weekend. I cannot wait to see what Derek gives me for winning this.

    Illibuck trophy is probably OSU’s this weekend. I cannot wait to see what Derek gives me for winning this.

  5. Georgia vs Auburn
  6. Texas Tech vs Baylor
  7. Oregon State vs Arizona State


1. CHRIS HALL 62-22 (5-2)

1. TONY BISHOP 61-23 (4-3)

3. TIM FREBURG  59-25 (5-2)

4. DEREK HERNANDEZ 53-24 (4-3)

5. CHRIS HATCH 49-28 (2-5)

6. DAVE FEIT 40-23 


Chris Hall

Chris Hall 5-2

1. Stanford – USC is usually good at home and Oregeron has them playing some good football but this is Stanford and they will shut down the Trojans just like they beat up the Ducks. This will make 4 in a row at the Coliseum.

2. Michigan State – This was a tough one for me. Every week I have picked on the wrong side of the Huskers and Michigan State has never and I mean EVER beaten Nebraska. But that defense is a nasty bunch so Sparty will win a close one.

3. WVU – So if WVU can take Texas to OT then it is logical they should destroy Charlie and that schematic advantage. Couches will be burning in Morgantown Saturday night.

4. Oklahoma State – This is a huge game for both and the Longhorns have a huge group of recruits in town this weekend, unfortunately for the Longhorns it may be a long night in Austin.

5. Auburn – I just don’t see the Tigers losing until the Iron Bowl.

6. Baylor – As long as the Bears do not look ahead to Oklahoma State next weekend this should be over by the half.

7. Arizona State – The last time the Sun Devils lost was on October 5 in the Shamrock Series game against Notre Dame. Since then they have won 4 straight including scoring 54, 53 and 55 before barely beating a Utah team that took down Stanford. Look for another 50 point night and a 5th straight win.

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch 2-5

1. Stanford vs USC: I’m going to take Stanford in this one.  I know, I know.  Boring.  But they just look too good right now.

2.  Michigan State vs Nebraska:  Huskers win.  I hate to be such a homer, but Bo completely owns Dantonio.
3. West Virginia vs Kansas:  WVU beats the CRP out of KU.
4. Oklahoma State vs Texas:  Gundy spoils Mack Brown’s attempted renaissance.  Nick Saban’s agent warms up his private plane for another trip to Austin.
5.  Georgia vs Auburn:  Auburn wins.  Gus Malzahazaanahhn does it again.  Still can’t spell his name, though.
6. Texas Tech vs Baylor: Texas Tech pulls the upset.  Art Briles, fresh off of getting Jesus Money for 10 years botches one.
7. Oregon State vs Arizona State: Oregon State wins in a bounce back game.
Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 4-3

1. Stanford tastes Pac 12 blood and USC has been too happy lately. Cardinal win big here.

2. It’s been a nice little run, Nebraska, but I just can’t see you scoring on this defense. Michigan State is our only hope to keep OSU out of the BCS…and I want it.
3. I had a dream that Charlie Weis got hired at Texas recently. Who knows, he’ll probably get fired soon enough. West Virginia wins.
4. Speaking of Texas, the turnaround stops here. OKSt wins easily.
5. The quietest top ten team in the nation continues to roll with their defense. Auburn puts Mike Richt on the hot seat.
6. I keep looking for a game for Baylor to lose, but the Big12 just isn’t any good. They win again.
7. In a game featuring two teams that seem to open fast and finish stumbling, one of them has to avoid losing. I think it’s Oregon State this time.
Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez 4-3

1. Stanford vs USC – Stanford by a LARGE margin.

2. Michigan State vs Nebraska – Although Sparty has NEVER beaten Nebraska I’m picking MSU here. All the injuries on the o-line will finally catch up with the Huskers.

3. West Virginia vs Kansas – WVU.

4. Oklahoma State vs Texas – Okie Lite wins this de facto elimination game in the Big XII.

5. Georgia vs Auburn – Georgia as Auburn looks ahead to the Iron Bowl.

6. Texas Tech vs Baylor – Baylor rolls, Kingsbury poses.

7. Oregon State vs Arizona State – Sun Devils fork ’em.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 5-2

1. Stanford

2. Michigan State

3. West Virginia

4. Oklahoma State

5. Auburn

6. Baylor

7. Arizona State

Big 12 Champs?

Big 12 Champs?

0-8 for Sparty?

0-8 for Sparty?

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