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It is not every week that probably 2 of the top 3 games have already gone final but it appears that may be the case this week. Of course Oregon and Oklahoma have already been defeated with the big surprise coming in Oregon’s defeat. Stanford only won the game by a score of 26-21 but all of Oregon’s scoring came in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. Now there are still some big games to be played like LSU and Alabama and I for one hope for more chaos. You can also bet that some folks in Columbus, Ohio also will have their eyes on some games this weekend. Now onto the Pick Em games for this week. Well Saturday’s games went pretty much the way they should except for Pitt upsetting my Irish after a B.S. targeting penalty changed the course of the game and Nebraska getting a big win in the Big House. We now have a tie between two of the resident domers myself and Mr. Tony Bishop. Right behind us is Tim Freburg who has put on a strong press as of late. Next week should make this very interesting.

  1. Notre Dame vs Pitt
  2. LSU vs Alabama
  3. Kansas vs Oklahoma State
  4. Nebraska vs Michigan
  5. BYU vs Wisconsin
  6. Houston vs UCF
  7. UCLA vs Arizona


1. CHRIS HALL 57-20 (4-3)

1. TONY BISHOP 57-20 (5-2)

3. TIM FREBURG  54-23 (5-2)

4. DEREK HERNANDEZ 49-21 (4-3)

5. CHRIS HATCH 47-23 (5-2)

6. DAVE FEIT 40-23 (4-3)


Chris Hall

Chris Hall 4-3

1. NOTRE DAME – The last 5 games these two have played have been won by 3, 3, 6, 5 and 3. So it pains me to see the Panthers on the docket for tomorrow night because my heart would prefer a nice and relaxed evening not an adrenaline filled night where curse words might outnumber common words. In the end look for another tight one hopefully decided well before the 4th overtime like 5 years ago.

2. ALABAMA – Since 2001 LSU is 5-1 in Tuscaloosa but I am pretty sure Nick Saban will know this stat and after seeing Stanford manhandle Oregon the Tide will not overlook this game.

3. OKLAHOMA ST. – Remember when Mark Mangino had Kansas at the top of Big 12? Maybe he had a schematic advantage.

4. MICHIGAN – This game had such potential a few weeks ago but then again people thought that Legends and Leaders thing was a good idea. No Hail Mary this week.

5. WISCONSIN – There will be a lot of running in this game from both teams but I believe in Gordon and White a lot more than Hill and Williams.

6. UCF – The Knights almost beat South Carolina on their home field and with a new conferences title hanging in the balance of this one that crowd at BH Networks Stadium will have the place shaking.

7. ARIZONA – PAC 12’s second leading rusher will have a huge game tonight.

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch 5-2

1. ND over Pitt

2. Bama over LSU

3. Ok St over Ku ( by 50)

4. Nebraska over Mich in a close one

5. Wisconsin

6. UCF

7. Arizona.

Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop 5-2

1. ND gets “revenge” for last year.

2. Alabama leaves no doubt to who is the number one BCS team.

3. Ok St laughs at Kansas.

4. Nebraska escapes victory by allowing Michigan to win.

5. Wisconsin continues to improve by beating a declining BYU team.

6. UCF continues to fight for a BCS game with another big win.

7. UCLA stays afloat with their defense.

Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez 4-3

1. ND vs Pitt – ND. Somehow the Irish are quitely winning games. Say what?

2. LSU vs Alabama – If Bama gets passed this game, just pencil them into the BCS title game. I think LSU pulls off the upset though.

3. Kansas vs Okla St – Okie Lite. BIG.

4. Nebraska vs Michigan – Michigan. Even though Sparty beat the Wolverines into a bloody pulp last week, this one won’t be close enough for any last second miracles to bail out Pelini and company.

5. BYU vs Wisconsin – Wisky, but why are they playing BYU this late in the year?

6. Houston vs UCF – UCF in a fun game.

7. UCLA vs Arizona – UCLA. Never trust Rich Rod.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg 5-2






6. UCF


Dave Feit

Dave Feit 4-3

1. ND vs Pitt – Pitt almost got it done in South Bend last year. I just don’t see them being able to close the deal at home. NOTRE DAME

2. LSU vs Alabama – As witnessed by my place in the standings, my picking ability stinks, so it’s time to get aggressive. LSU

3. Kansas vs Okla St – That said, there is a notable difference between “aggressive” and “stupid”. OKIE STATE

4. Nebraska vs Michigan – I don’t have a very good feeling about this game, but my Husker loyalties require me to pick the Big Red. NEBRASKA

5. BYU vs Wisconsin – Which is more rare: an intriguing non-con game involving a B1G team, or a B1G non-con game in November? WISCONSIN

6. Houston vs UCF – I’ll freely admit to having absolutely no clue. My son and youngest daughter were born in Orlando, so I’ll take UCF

7. UCLA vs Arizona – If I were in first place, I’d pick the Bruins. Since I’m far from first, I’ll take ARIZONA.


ND vs Pitt played 7 quarters last year. Hopefully just 4 this time.

ND vs Pitt played 7 quarters last year. Hopefully just 4 this time.







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