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Another week that looks like the football Gods could open up the gates and let havoc consume the teams almost at their goal of playing for a championship. With of course the biggest of all games this weekend will have all football fans gazing towards Florida, where the Noles and Canes rekindle a bitter rivalry. Hopefully chaos will ensue and not just only on the football fields but also within the battle here at No Coast Bias where the few still standing chase the championship belt in the NCB Pick Em Challenge. Now onto this week’s games.

1. Navy vs Notre Dame

2. Kansas vs Texas

3. Northwestern vs Nebraska

4. Miami vs Florida State

5. Michigan vs Michigan State

6. Okla State vs Texas Tech

7. Florida vs UGA (lost it’s luster)

A great bunch of games but I almost forgot the current standings.

BATTLE FOR THE NO COAST BIAS BELT (magenta represents the staff that has dropped out)

1. Chris Hall 48-15shiva

2. Tony Bishop – 46-17

3. Tim Freburg – 43-20

4. Derek Hernandez – 40-16

5. Tate Vobach – 37-5

6. Chris Hatch 36-20

6. Dave Feit 36-20

8. Brian Brashaw – 27-15

9. Taylor Venema 23-12

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

1. Notre Dame – Brian Kelly knows how to win in November posting a 10-1 record in South Bend since his arrival. To get to a BCS game these winning ways must continue. ND BIG!!!!!

2. Texas – Um, DUH!

3. Northwestern- Yes they have lost 4 straight games. Yes Nebraska is at home. And Yes Nebraska should win but last week they got drilled by Minnesota and I picked them so now I am mad. Go Cats!!!Daniel_Bryan_YES

4. Florida State – This is going to be ugly.

5. Michigan State – This is going to be ugly but for different reasons than above mentioned game.

6. Texas Tech – Tech is 8-0 after a loss to Oklahoma. Sorry State.

7. UGA – UF has a defense but they now they see a real offense with a healthy Todd Gurley. Somebody get me a cocktail already.

Tim Freburg

Tim Freburg

1. Notre Dame

2. Texas

3. Nebraska

4. Florida State

5. Michigan State

6. Okla State

7. Florida

Derek Hernandez

Derek Hernandez

1. Navy vs Notre Dame – ND does not get Niumatalolo’d this time around.

2. Kansas vs Texas – My Hate Pick of the Week goes to Texas. I hate Texas. That is all.

3. Northwestern vs Nebraska – Wildcats. Fitzgerald and Co. will Jet Motion the beleaguered Blackshirts to death and Bo will trot out a banged up Taylor. Yay!

4. Miami vs Florida State – FSU beats up on a overrated Canes squad.

5. Michigan vs Michigan State – MSU. Little Brother wins.

6. Okla State vs Texas Tech – Tech in a surprisingly low-scoring game.

7. Florida vs UGA (lost it’s luster) – UGA.

Chris Hatch

Chris Hatch

1.  Navy vs Notre Dame: Notre Dame rolls.
2.  Kansas vs Texas: Texas by a Texas mile.
3.  Northwestern vs Nebraska: Nebraska on a bounce-back must-win hyphenated type of game.
4.  Miami vs Florida State: Florida State.  Famous Jameis continues to be misspelled and playing his ass off.
5.  Michigan vs Michigan State: I’m going to go with Michigan State.  Is that an upset?  I’m not even sure, anymore.  The Big Ten is dirt.
6.  Okla State vs Texas Tech: Tech wins.  Combined score 10 billion
7.  Florida vs UGA (lost it’s luster):  Georgia wins.  Will Muschamp continues to Muschamp things up in Florida.

Notre Dame Legend Frank Leahy

Notre Dame Legend Frank Leahy

“When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.” – Frank Leahy

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