NCB Jam of The Week 2015-04-17

No Coasters, my friends The Jam of the Week is here! I have been busy the last few weeks preparing for new adventures (work) in California. That is why the Jam of the Week is a little late today.

As I open this door, and this opportunity in my career, only one Jam comes to mind. Shake Shake Go’s, Doors to Heaven is certainly an inspirational record. When you’re out there alone in this big green earth, or even times with the company of your family and friends you may feel completely alone. But one thing is for sure, there should never be a reason to sit back and watch this life pass you by. You only go through one time and if you have a goal, a dream, something you’ve been wanting to do then go after it and conquer it, make it your own. Check it!

This weeks Jam of The Week goes to Shake Shake Go – Doors to Heaven

And this live version from the Studio is Dope!

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