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NCB College Pick’em Results – Week 12

Baylor shredded the K-State defense to pull the upset in Waco.

Upset Saturday threw most of the staff for a loop but Derek and Lisa managed to call one of the big upsets this past weekend.  Derek was the only one that called the Baylor upset of K-State and Lisa called the Stanford upset over Oregon. We’re sure Lisa’s allegiances didn’t play a part in her pick 😉

The race for first is still somewhat close but barring a disastrous week of picks from Brian it looks like he’ll be sitting pretty during Championship Week. Bowl Pick’em anyone?

Check out the full results and updated standings below.

As a reminder, the staff member with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the NCB CFB Pick’em Champion. Championship belt and all. Be sure to follow along all season long and feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section and our Facebook Fan Page.

Here were the Pick’em games for Week 12:

  1. (21)USC vs @(17)UCLA Sat 11/17 01:05pm
  2. @Wisconsin vs (6)Ohio St. Sat 11/17 01:30pm
  3. (13)Oklahoma vs @West Virginia Sat 11/17 05:00pm
  4. @(1)Oregon vs (14)Stanford Sat 11/17 06:00pm
  5. (2)Kansas St. vs @Baylor Sat 11/17 06:00pm
Here were the staff member picks (winners in red):


Derek – ‎derek NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1. BRUINS – My head says U$C but I’ll go with the upset here in the Battle of LA
  2. BUCKS – Ohio St. is the best team in the B1G
  3. OU – No defense No win for WVU
  4. DUCKS – Oregon’s speed is too much for Stanford, even without half of their D playing
  5. BAYLOR – I keep calling for the upset. I’m bound to be right sometime

Nate –nate NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1.  UCLA-Bruins win at home.
  2. Ohio State-Buckeyes put the hurt on the Badgers.
  3. Oklahoma-Sooners win big.
  4. Oregon-ducks fly fast and furious.
  5. Kansas State-can they stay in the championship hunt for another week?

Greg –greg NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1. UCLA- The Trojans will lose and put the final nail in Lane’s Kiffin. Err coffin.
  2. Ohio St.- This is their mini B1G title and they are the much better team.
  3. Oklahoma- WVU couldn’t stop a High School team. Enough said.
  4. Oregon- This one is tricky since Oregon has a lot of injuries piling up. Stanford will try and beat them up more but I just don’t think they have the firepower.
  5. Kansas St.- The dream(or nightmare depending on POV) continues for KSU in a blowout win.
Edge –Edge NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5
  1. N/A

Brianbrian NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1. UCLA – After the Huskers lost to them I said they would go 10-2. Never mind that I also said USC would be the national champs preseason.
  2. Ohio State – How the hell is Wisconsin favored?
  3. Oklahoma – Remember when Geno Smith was the Heisman front-runner?
  4. Oregon – Nobody derails the Ducks st home.
  5. Kansas State – But this could be the week they fall. A few years back, all WVa had to do was beat a Pitt team they were favored to beat by four tds to get to the title game. They lost … Just sayin.

Lisa –lisa NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1. USC – Even though I very much WANT the Trojans to fall, I don’t think this is the week.
  2. Ohio St.- OSU gets it done on the road.
  3. Oklahoma- Boomer Sooner
  4. Stanford – Stanford in a BIG upset over Oregon
  5. Kansas St. – K-State continues its dominance

Carmen –carmen NCB College Pick’em Predictions – Week 5

  1. UCLA at home. Cuz they’re at home and I hate USC more than them.
  2. Ohio state. Obviously.
  3. WVU I’m just getting reckless now
  4. Oregon- not that reckless
  5. Kansas St- road tested. Championship approved?

Here are the current standings after Week 12:

1. Brian (37 points)

2. Lisa (35)

3. Nate (34)

4. Derek (33)

5. Carmen (31)

6. Edge (30)

7.  Greg (28)

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