NCB Bracketology 2.24.14

Yesterday we were 3 weeks away from Selection Sunday…

Bart Scott









On to the Bracket and info…

If this, then that…

If Kansas State loses their next three games, then they could be on the bubble. The Wildcats will most likely be underdog in their next three games. Losing all three of those would give them a 4-game losing streak…right now not a good time for a losing streak.

If Syracuse loses their next two games, then they will no longer be a number one seed. Syracuse has two difficult games this week on the road at Maryland and at Virginia. If they lose both, they will be on a 4-game losing streak and fall off the number one line.

If Stephen F. Austin wins out, then they could end up as a 12 seed. The Lumberjacks are 25-2 and haven’t lost since November 23rd. They are a team to look out for in March.

If you think the Big 12 is going to get 7 bids into the NCAA Tournament, then you’re going to be wrong. Kansas, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State will be the 6 bids from the Big 12 on Selection Sunday.

Bubble Teams

Stanford, Missouri, Xavier, Tennessee, St. Johns, St. Josephs, California, Minnesota, Southern Miss, Oklahoma State, Richmond, Providence, Nebraska, BYU, Baylor, Oregon, Georgetown, Dayton, West Virginia, Boise State…

The Bracket



Intriguing (potential) match-ups…

Kentucky vs. Michigan third round.

VCU vs. Florida third round (grab a sweat towel for that one).

Louisville vs. Stephen F. Austin second round (See above).

New Mexico vs. Missouri second round (Jabari Brown/Jordan Clarkson vs. Kendall Williams/Cameron Bairstow/Alex Kirk…sign me up.)

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1 Comment

  1. jon

    February 25, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Memphis cant be in the south bro

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