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NBA Hell Averted? Celtics & OKC Now 1 Win Away From Finals Matchup

Oh those wily Celtics. Less than a week ago I wrote NBA fans were in store for a “hellish” NBA Finals. Now we’re 1 OKC and Boston win away from an unlikely yet fan-friendly matchup for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

No not “Celtic Thunder” (see video below). I’m of course referring to the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder are anything but boring as the Spurs are perceived (unjustly now days). The Celtics are a throwback, selfless bunch that are the polar-opposite of the Hollywood-as-Hell Heat. In other words, the amount of hate (and flops) will be at a minimum if this matchup comes to fruition.

Rajon Rondo would take on his old teammate and best friend Kendrick Perkins if the Celtics and Thunder both pull off 4 straight wins.

Instead of being flooded with “How will the Heat choke this time?” questions and interviews of Gregg Popovich since he’s the only interesting sound bite on the Spurs (save Stephen Jackson), the focus would be on the young guns of OKC vs. the last-stand Celtics. Rondo vs. his best buddy Perk. Jeff Green getting a ring no matter what (jk). More important than anything is that the focus will be almost entirely about BASKETBALL. The Celtics execute as good as anyone in the league and the Thunder can fill it up from all over the place. Plus both teams’ acting chops aren’t even close to the Spurs/Heat Oscar nominated bunch.

As a fan that’s been watching playoff basketball for about 20 years and with my favorite player being Charles Barkley I know as much as anyone that these 2 series are anything but over.  That’s why I’m praying to the basketball gods that good overcomes evil.

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