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NBA Did You Know? – Wilt The Stilt NEVER Fouled Out

This post is part of our NBA week series, where we explore all things NBA leading up to opening night on October 31st.

Wilt has plenty of numbers associated with his name, but we’re not talking about THAT number in this post. (photo via LIFE Magazine)

14 seasons

1,045 regular season games

160 playoff games

55,418 total minutes

That’s a lot of mileage for the Big Dipper but those numbers pale in comparison to another number. No, not THAT number. I’m talking about the number zero.  As in the number of games Wilt Chamberlain fouled out. That’s just insane.

To put that in perspective check out the number of times these players have fouled out in their careers:

  • Bill Russell, Wilt’s greatest rival, fouled out 24 times
  • Hakeem Olajuwon fouled out 80 times during his career
  • Dwight Howard, perhaps the most dominant center today, has fouled out 36 times already in his career
  • The greatest player of all-time Michael Jordan fouled out 11 times

Just for fun I’ll throw out another crazy stat – the NBA record for the quickest foul-out ever belongs to former Dallas Maverick Bubba Wells. He fouled in three minutes!

I don’t think we’ll ever see anyone approach this record in my lifetime. And even if someone miraculously comes close to Wilt’s feat you can be rest assured they won’t be nearly as dominant a player as Chamberlain was.

You do have to wonder though how Wilt would fare in today’s Flop-Happy environment.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next NBA Did You Know?


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