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NBA Did You Know? – Manute Bol Killed A Lion

This post is part of our NBA week series, where we explore all things NBA leading up to opening night on October 31st.

Manute Bol stood tall during his NBA playing days but what he did when he was younger, and presumably smaller, may be the most impressive accomplishment of his entire life. Yes, even more than his stint as a hockey “star”. And it’s definitely more impressive than this:

As legend has it, when Manute was 15-years old he killed a lion with a spear somewhere near his village in Africa. I’d link an article about this fact but it’s way more fun to Google.

The folks at evidently debunked this myth by stating Bol told one of his closest friends that he made the story up but there’s no definitive proof of this conversation.  We’ll never know for sure as Manute passed in June 2010.

This is the last NBA Did You Know? that we have scheduled – what do you think? Should this be a weekly feature? Give us your thoughts in the comments section. 


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