MONDAY MORNING HANGOVER: The MLB Suspension edition.

The final days of July have always been some of my favorites as the Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline hits on July 31st. The time when teams scramble to fill gas tank with new fuel before the stretch run. Now this year as July 31 approaches something a little different is in the air as Bud Selig and MLB plan to announce further suspensions in the BioGenesis case after suspending former MVP Ryan Braun for the rest of the season last week. So with 2 days left until the trade deadline the question becomes will MLB give teams the opportunity to replace the players with a trade or will the trade deadline pass before the suspensions are handed down? I feel that the news will probably break later today giving teams the opportunity to fill out their roster before a playoff run. Now let’s look at some of the players that may get the call tomorrow to sit down.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ- Now I believe that A-Rod will receive a much harsher penalty than that of Ryan Braun. Tampering with witnesses is always frowned upon in all situations and if true I could see A-Rod being suspended for life. This of course would be horrible news for the man who signed the richest contract in MLB but probably would induce a gleeful roar out of the front offices in Yankee Stadium. The chance A-Rod being suspended hurts the Yankees this season, 0%.

Just tell the truth already Alex!

Just tell the truth already Alex!

NELSON CRUZ- Now this player is a little different, Nelson has played this season and he is actually playing one of his best seasons so far. And his team is in both the Wildcard race as well as the Division finding themselves just 1 and a half games out of the Wildcard and 6 back of Oakland in the West. Cruz however who shows up as Muhammad Cruz in documents of Tony Bosch will probably also be sent off the field this week and probably will find himself at the standard 50 game clip that is in the rulebook. Of course with 57 games to go that would put Cruz into position to play the final 5 games or so and possibly a playoff series. After the season he will head into a big payday as he enters free agency. He is getting punished right? Chance his suspension hurts the Rangers 100%.



JOHNNY PERALTA- Peralta’s involvement is a mystery that hopefully gets revealed this week. If he really is connected this could be awful for the Tigers as well as Peralta who is having his best season. The Tigers who sit 3 games in front of the surging Indians could find themselves without a .305 hitter who has provided 10 home runs and 53 RBI’s this season. Those numbers include his Grand Slam Sunday. Johnny of course should get the normal 50 games so if that is the case like Cruz he would be back before season’s end. Chance his suspension hurts the Tigers. 100%

From Grand Slam to Suspension?

From Grand Slam to Suspension?

BARTOLO COLON- So wait one of the greatest stories of the season is a fraud? Oh this is so baseball. Of course why would any of us believe a guy that looks nothing like an athlete, is 40 years old and he throws like a beast is using PED’s? Oh because this should never happen. Colon not only has tapped into the fountain of youth due to his 14-3 record and 2.54 ERA with 77 K’s but there was that little problem at the beginning of the season that caused him to miss time. Because he was suspended for violating the substance abuse policy. This guy should get shutdown for the season and maybe even beyond. Chances his suspension hurts the A’s. 1000%

Shut him down

Shut him down

There are many more guys that are tied to this thing from Francisco Cervelli to Everth Cabrera to guys like Melky Cabrera and Yasmani Grandal. It will be interesting to see if more names are added this week or if all these guys get to sit down for the next few months. Whatever happens I hope baseball can clean this game up and get rid of the cheaters who have ruined the image of the game and put them right up there with the freak shows in another favorite sport of mine the WWE. The problem is that this game has been a part of the fabric that has built our great country and the powers that be owe it to the guys that live on in legends to get this problem fixed. Every time a player has a great stretch or season it is not fair that they be looked at as drug abusers and cheaters but until they are proven to be clean they will always be a cheat especially when guys like Ryan Braun ruin a man’s life and proclaim their innocence and their famous friends bet their salary on it and in the end the only guy that wasn’t a fool was the sample collector who did everything right and still got tormented. Hopefully we will not wait long for judgement and when we do I bet none of these guys put up a fight.


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