When I got the opportunity to start writing for No Coast Bias, I was super excited for the opportunity and when I got my email from the founder of the site Derek I began to consider exactly where my focus would be when writing. Of course I have my favorite team in South Bend that gives me many options that I know will be seen by many. I love the Chicago Bulls and they too fit into a subject matter that would have the ability to be well received. But what I really wanted to do was take a look at what happens each weekend in sports and in that idea MONDAY MORNING HANGOVER was born.

In this weeks installment I have chosen to take a look at the biggest mistakes of this Mother’s Day weekend.

#3 TITUS YOUNG- I remember the first time I saw Titus on a football field. He caught a pass for a 70+ yard touchdown and I thought to myself how did this kid end up in Idaho to play football. This kid easily should have made it to a BCS qualifier. He helped to put Boise State on the map and after finishing his college career with 204 receptions for 3063 yards and 25 touchdowns, Titus looked destined to be a Pro Bowl player in the NFL. After becoming the 44th pick in the draft in 2011, Young showed flashes of a future Pro Bowl player even catching 2 touchdowns in a loss to Green Bay. Unfortunately Young decided to line up intentionally in the wrong place and soon after was cut by the Lions. He was picked up then by St. Louis but cut ten days later. I don’t believe we will see much of Young again however after this week. Late Friday night after already finding himself arrested twice in the same day, Young decided to break in to a home in San Clemente, California and when police arrived he ran then fought with an officer ultimately ending up in his third arrest in less than a week. One thing gained by this is that maybe there is a difference between SEC speed and Boise State speed after all.



#2 JOBA “THE HUT’ CHAMBERLAIN- I will never forget the first year that Joba had in NYC. You had the excitement of this young pitcher with the live arm who many believed would one day take over for Mariano when he retired. The “Joba Rules” as Yankee manager Joe Girardi would refer to the way Chamberlain would be handled by the team. It consisted of never pitching on back to back days and an extra day determined by the innings pitched each day. And of course as many Yankee fans and Indian fans will always remember the insects in Game 2 that led to Chamberlain being sprayed down with repellant and the Yankees witnessing 2 wild pitches that erased their 1-0 lead. Chamberlain has not been consistent throughout his career except where bad news is concerned. There were the bugs, the rotator cuff tendonitis injury in 2008 and the head case season of 2009. Then in 2010, Joba turned to a new chapter in his short career when he pitched the last 28 appearances with a 2.38 ERA. Of course right on cue a Tommy John surgery and a freak accident while jumping on a trampoline would derail his career again. However on Saturday night his mouth may have sealed his fate with the Yankees. After the game with the Royals, Mariano Rivera was being interviewed by Kansas City reporters about an emotional meeting with some fans. Chamberlain was yelling to some family members beyond the dug out when Mo asked him to lower his voice. Which lead to a confrontation between the two after the interview wrapped. Joba told Rivera to “don’t ever shush me.” On Sunday the incident was played out as no big deal but as July 31st approaches I would imagine Joba to be playing elsewhere. Of course that depends on if he can come off the DL where he of course has found himself as usual.

John C. Reilly or Joba Chamberlain

John C. Reilly or Joba Chamberlain

#1 SERGIO GARCIA- How many people still remember the hit TV show My Name Is Earl? I bet a couple of readers out there do. Well the reason I ask is if you do then you would be aware of the main premise which centers around karma. Well if you know what happened this weekend with Sergio and then saw Sunday, you may have been witness to the existence of karma. Sergio Garcia who was leading at the time complained in an interview that a crowd reaction to Tiger caused him to lose focus during a shot and that Woods then pulled a fairway metal driver from his bag and that fired them up even more. Garcia and Woods then engaged in a war of words until Garcia stepped up to the 17th hole on Sunday. Now this 17th is unlike any other and usually even non golf fans have an idea of the Players Championship 17th. A hole surrounded by water on all sides would stop the feud for now after Garcia managed to land not one, but two shots in the drink on his way to a quadruple bogey-7 on the hole. Karma had struck and the side the crowd preferred was apparent as the first shot hit and bounced into the water the crowd erupted with glee. There is a lesson to be learned from this, don’t mess with Tiger, unless you are Lyndsey Vonn of course.



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