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Another fine weekend in the world of college football and in my opinion the best weekend so far. I mean how is this not the favorite sport in America? Sure the NFL has excitement but for the most part the good teams, the ones with all the hype always seem to win. Well unless you saw what happened in the J E T S JETS JETS JETS game yesterday. In the world of college football you can have chaos at any certain moment and that is what Saturday gave us. This past weekend there were 9 of the teams ranked in the Top 25 came up on the losing end including the epic beat down that Florida State delivered to Clemson. I am not sure that we will see more Top 25 teams lose in a single weekend again this season but man I bet they will all be just as exciting. Now let’s get to the Hangover!!!!!

The Good – How could it get much better than what the Seminoles just did in Death Valley!? Wins like that against a team in the Top 3 usually are reserved for bowl games not the regular season. The score itself is imposing at 51-14 but the stats are even more scary. The Noles racked up 565 yards including 444 from frosh phenom Jameis Winston. They produced 4 turnovers including Mario Edwards 37 yard scamper for 6 on a fumble return. And to make matters worse the Seminoles actually had 104 yards in penalties, a stat that usually destroys a team. Of course the Noles jumped from #5 to #3 in the polls but in the all mighty BCS poll they find themselves at #2 ahead of Oregon. If Jimbo can keep this team focused I will enjoy seeing them in Pasadena.


The Good – Did anyone happen to catch the Arizona State and Washington game? If not then you missed a performance for the ages and it did not come from star QB Taylor Kelly. Although he did have 271 with 2 TD’s. The amazing stat came from the ground game and the defense of the Sun Devils. Let me remind you that the Huskies came into this game as the ranked team at #20. They had a running back Bishop Sankey who ranks 5th in the nation in rushing. Yet what happens? The Sun Devils held the Huskies to -5 yards rushing. Yes that was negative five yards rushing. An amazing stat but one that may be overshadowed by the fact that their own runners led by Marion Grice actually gained 314 yards on the ground themselves. Stats like this are usually reserved for EA Sports games or FCS match ups. Not unranked teams vs Top 25 squads. Well I guess Texas may remember stats like this. If they don’t maybe BYU does.

Oh you Devil

Oh you Devil

The Bad – I know there are some in college football that think Mike Leach is a genius. I am not one of those people. Maybe it is my location since I do live in Big Ten country and am a die hard Notre Dame fan but to me a successful team needs to run the ball. The ground game slows down or gives less chances to a high powered offense. It also keeps the ball in your offenses hands and if the ball is in the hands of your offense then the other team cannot score. Now don’t get me wrong I love the passing game as well but I prefer a more balanced attack. What the Cougars ran out on the Autzen field last night was not a balanced offense by any means. The Leach led Cougars actually only ran the ball 12 times and thanks to star QB Connor Halliday, the team finished with 2 yards rushing. What they did do was throw the ball more than anyone in FBS history. Halliday attempted 89 passes which broke Drew Brees record of 83 set in 1998. And even though he gained 557 yards and had 4 touchdowns, he still chucked 4 interceptions as well. I guess Leach just doesn’t trust his backs or feels the only way to win is to throw the ball. Or maybe it was because they were down by 13 at the end of the 1st quarter. Either way the only place I want to see someone throw the ball 89 times is Wednesday night in Game 1 of the World Series.

The Ugly  – 5 higher ranked SEC teams lost to lower ranked or unranked opponents. And that is just one part of this ugly. The other is the fact that this once top heavy conference is full of just a few top dogs and only one is the usual suspect in Bama. The other is newcomer Missouri. Maybe the biggest surprise of this season so far. The real ugly is the fact that with the apparent down year for the SEC, the legend and reputation allows for three 2 loss SEC teams to still sit in the Top 25. Including South Carolina and LSU which were defeated by unranked squads. I am not saying LSU should have fallen all the way out a la  UGA but they should have fallen farther than 7 spots. I just don’t get it when there are eleven 1 loss teams ranked below LSU and A&M. Of course this will all sort itself out in the end but for now it has me shaking my head.




1. OREGON 7-0


3. ALABAMA 7-0


5. BAYLOR 6-0

6. MISSOURI 7-0 

7. MIAMI 6-0



10. AUBURN 6-1

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