[Quick Hits] Jacksonville Owner Says They Will NOT Trade MJD

Shahid Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars told Jacksonville press today that he will not consider trading running back Maurice Jones-Drew despite MJD’s threats yesterday that he would like just that. Khan has said that he would rather Mojo sit out for the season.

Is it just me or weird that this story is playing out over Twitter like some kind of high school breakup?

First, MJD notices that he’s not the highest paid RB in the league, after providing the Jaguars with almost 48% of their total yards last year. That doesn’t sit well, so he asks to renegotiate.

Khan basically asks, “What is the point of the contract if you can renegotiate anytime you don’t like it?”

MJD is all like, “Fine, I’ll just not play then.”

Khan makes the awesome comparison to trains that has been making the rounds online. “Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it.”

MJD is all sad and asks for a trade when Khan doesn’t make a move.

Now Khan says “Fine…sit out. See if I care!” Meanwhile, MJD already owes almost $1 million in fines for not showing up for camp and he’s going to lose more for not playing.

Worst handled situation in recent memory. And both parties are in the wrong here. Khan could still trade MJD if he gets an offer he can’t refuse. But Mojo is currently the Jags only star despite some future talent on the team. The situation is even worse from their perspective. Mojo was supposed to be a mentor and a teacher and he hasn’t even reported to Jag camp yet. We don’t know what effect this will have on the organization as a whole. Added to this, Rashad Jennings has been impressive in preseason play and the Jaguars seem pretty happy to go with him. Khan obviously doesn’t care about the money and both parties have a limited amount of time to reach a deal, so MJD needs to make a choice soon. Either way, what an embarrassment for the entire Jaguars family.

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