Mike Trout’s Numbers Compare VERY Favorably To The Greatest Hitters Of All-Time

Mike Trout is REALLY good at baseball.

You know it. We know it. Everyone knows that fact is true.

But just how good is the Angels slugger compared to the all-time greats? There are so many stats to look at when making comparisons between players of today and greats from yesteryear, but baseball’s WAR statistic does a pretty good job of encompassing them all.

Let’s take a look at Trout compares to the top 12 leaders in WAR in MLB history:

vs. Babe Ruth


vs. Barry Bonds

barry bonds

vs. Willie Mays

willie mays

vs. Ty Cobb

ty cobb

vs. Hank Aaron

hank aaron

vs. Tris Speaker

tris speaker

vs. Honus Wagner

honus wagner

vs. Stan Musial

stan musial

vs. Rogers Hornsby

rogers horsnby

vs. Eddie Collins

eddie collins

vs. Ted Williams

ted williams

vs. Alex Rodriguez

alex rodriguez

The crazy thing about all this? Trout is just getting started. He’s only 23.


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