Texts From Last Night: Lionel Messi’s (Maybe) Retirement Edition


Lionel Messi, perhaps the best soccer player on the face of this earth announced on Monday, after a crushingly brutal defeat at the hands of the Chilean National Team, that he was planning to retire from international competition.  The news sent shockwaves throughout the sports world with soccer players, athletes and everyone with a Twitter account weighing in.

So we here at No Coast Bias once again went to our technological well and enlisted our team of hacktivists to get into Messi’s phone and see just what was happening in the mind of the soccer’s maestro the night after he announced he would no longer be playing for Argentina.  Some of the people reaching out to the star via text may surprise you. . .

(*Author’s note: we have translated all texts from Messi’s native Spanish to assist our largely English-speaking readers.)







(*Author’s note: This last image was particularly hard to decipher, so I apologize for the quality of the images.)



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