Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – A Conversation

Avengers: Infinity War is just a week away. The movie will take years of planning and several different movies’ plot-lines, tying them all together. Before it’s arrival, Dan, Robby, and I decided it would be a good idea to discuss them. The following is that discussion.

Brian: Ok guys, Infinity War is exactly one week from today as I write this. Therefore we should again be talking about Marvel movies.

Dan: When aren’t we talking about Marvel movies? I feel like every other day there’s some new to discuss.

Robby: I’m very excited to yell at both of you about how wrong your opinions about Marvel movies are. Let’s do this.

B: Yeah, this is a conversation for another time, but it’s kind of crazy how Disney has this 24/7, 365-day calendar of always being on our minds because of how much they own. But like I said, another time. We need to rank the Marvel movies.

D: Content is king and Disney sits atop the throne.

R: Ah yes, rankings. A perfect place to start and will surely lead to civil discourse.

B: My thoughts exactly. So obviously Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie. I feel it’s clear to establish the top of the totem pole here.

R: I guess you saw a different Black Panther movie than me.

B: Black Panther was an excellent movie. Top 4 Marvel movie, in fact. But best? Definitely not.

D: Winter Soldier sits firmly in the #2 spot for me. Spiderman Homecoming is a top my list.

B: Spider-Man is a good pick, can’t argue with it. Well, I can, because it’s wrong. But I’m glad you both have good movies in your top spot at least.

D: Are #1’s make up my top 3 picks, so that counts for something.

R: Winter Soldier isn’t in my top 5 to be honest. #6. Behind Panther, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man.

B: Ok, fine. I wasn’t going to go here so soon, but Robby brought it up. Guys…Iron Man is not a top five Marvel movie.

D: Yeah, no surprise here I’m going to have to side with Brian and go against Robby. Iron Man barely makes my top ten.

B: Iron Man, to me, sits at about 6 or 7 on the list. It’s a good movie, to be sure. But top five? Nah, man.

D: Honestly all these movies are good to great with a few duds, so it’s really like splitting hairs.

R: You peasants. You absolute dullards. Iron Man changed how we see comic book movies. It made them fun and light and cool again and every Marvel movie has tried to copy its success, most of the time failing.

B: That’s where you’re wrong Robby. If every Marvel movie tried to be like Iron Man simply because it has humor, then all of these movies are a ripoff of Charlie Chaplain. There’s so much variety in Marvel. Winter Soldier was a Cold War-esque thriller. Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun buddy comedy. Black Panther was very serious and political. I’ll admit that around the Doctor Strange – Ant Man point in the timeline things got a bit samey, but overall there’s a lot to appreciate.

R: I would agree that around the time Guardians of the Galaxy came around, the MCU turned a corner, especially with Black Panther and Ragnarok. But, to your question Dan. Yes, up until Iron Man every comic book movie either tried to be Christopher Nolan/Tim Burton dark or absurdly punny like Batman & Robin. Iron Man showed there’s a very significant middle ground sweet spot comic book movies can take up.

D: We all had to expect growth in the MCU but for real Phase 1 doesn’t really stand up to the other two Phases.

B:I actually think phase one is a little underrated. The first captain america is good! Thor one is actually ok! And Avengers is awesome.

D: Iron Man is the only movie to peak in Phase 1, but I’ll give you that Avengers & Capt were both great films. Thor is garbage however.

R: I would say outside of Iron Man, phase one is just getting the boring origin stories out of the way so we can get to more interesting stuff. Even Avengers, which I loved at the time, has aged pretty poorly. Outside the big fight at the end against a faceless, CGI army, nothing really happens other than “Look, Iron Man talking to Thor!”

D: Outside of Red Skull (Which wasn’t great) Phase 1 leans far too much on Loki as far as villains go. That CGI army really left a lot to be desired.

B: That’s a fair knock on Marvel. They took a while to figure villains out. But there last few have been quite good. Killmonger was incredible, and Ego the Living Planet was actually very good as well in GotG2.
Dan: Outside of EGO I’ll agree the 3rd Phase really brought it with the villains.

R: Marvel struggled to find a villain for so long they had to make Iron Man the bad guy (even though he was definitely right in Civil War). But yes, Killmonger was much needed and fantastic.

D: Killmonger & Vulture really built up the hype for Thanos. Also Tony has always been the bad guy.
R: So i’ll just say it now. Civil War is overrated. It’s like a half hour too long and the bad guy (Tony Stark) is so obviously right.

B: robby you’re an idiot. Civil War is so good. And Stark should be the bad guy. He’s been a douche bag since Iron Man one. He wore out his welcome and now he’s paying for it.

D: Civil War is highly overrated and Tony Stark’s past is really the “bad guy” here, but a deep dive on that is for another time.

R: Captain America literally thought he was smarter than everyone else! Including the United Nations! Even after they accidently killed a bunch of civilians! How is Stark the bad guy for being like “hey guys maybe we should change things up a little bit.”? How am I supposed to root for Cap in his own movie when he’s so wrong?

B: Yeah, you’re right, Tony certainly shouldn’t be blamed for creating Ultron. Also yes, he also shouldn’t be blamed for being the entire reason they need to be kept in check, when guys like Cap have done nothing wrong.

D: Nothing wrong outside of harboring the most deadly assassin Hydra had…but yeah Brian is right otherwise. Also Tony is kind of to blame for Hydra.

R: But Tony realized his mistakes! Cap’s philosophy is literally “shit happens”.

B: yeah, it does. And it’s usually Tony Stark’s fault. Cap and the rest of the team shouldn’t have to be under someone’s control because of it.

R: Opinions on character motivations aside, I still have problems with Civil War. It’s too long and like 50% fight scenes so by the time we finally get to the climactic final battle of Iron Man vs Cap we’re exhausted. And the big Avengers vs Avengers fight scene is in an airport? Really? Best parts were Black Panther and Spider-Man. Otherwise, no thanks.

D: The movie was Judd Apatow too long. Also the airport fight scene was so blah outside of Spidey’s antics and Black Panther.

B: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The airport scene was so many moving parts and they pulled it off beautifully. Civil War is the Avengers movie we deserved but didn’t get with Ultron.

D: Oh it was so much better than Ultron, but I think the 1st Avengers movie did such a better job with the multi person fight scene.

R: It’s better than Ultron, for sure. It felt like two movies ham-fisted together. If it was just Iron Man, Cap, Bucky and Zemo, it would’ve been better. We didn’t need Vision and Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch there.

B: I don’t know, I thought Scarlet-Witch and Hawkeye’s side-plot was good. And we had to get Ant-Man on the team somehow.

D: Hawkeye had a good side-story? Well damn thats a low bar you’ve set. Honestly I’m rooting for him to be the first one they off in Infinity War.

B: Nah the first one dead will be Korg. I’m sure of it.

R: I think that’s a pretty good segway into talking about who we think will die. I’m saying a majority of the OG Avengers. Iron Man, Cap and probably Hawkeye are biting the dust.

D: Tony is definitely getting clapped. Think they wait on Cap and like I said before Hawkeye has to be the first one out.

B: I think the opposite, actually. I think Cap dies and Stark has to live with his friends being dead. We saw it in Ultron – his biggest fear is having to live with the death of his friends.

R: I get your logic there Brian, but I think that’s going to be main reason why Tony sacrifices himself. It’s his greatest fear and he’ll do whatever to avoid it.

D: I think we see some Hollywood rewriting on this one, whatever we read in the comics as far as deaths is out the window. RDJ has said he’s wrapping things up with Marvel so I’d imagine he goes here. Evans might go in the sequel but I think they milk him for a little longer.

R: I think there’s going to be at least one surprise death. I don’t know if it would be considered “shocking” but I could see Hulk going down. He’s actually a pretty dispensable character and Marvel doesn’t seem interested in giving him any of his own movies so why not.

D: I’m giving you to the count of 5 to take back those despicable remarks.

B: Actually Marvel does, it’s Universal that’s refusing because they own his solo rights, but continue.

R: Look, I love Hulk! I’ve seen every Hulk movie, even the Ang Lee one! But he’s been around since the beginning and only seems to show up every 5 movies for a big fight (before Ragnarok). I could see Marvel killing him off to make Infinity War even more gruesome.

B: Look we could argue characters, deaths, and everything else and go on for pages and pages, but I can’t subject our readers to that. I think we need to end on one final point: will Infinity War be good?

D: I’d pay $100 to see the movie today. That’s without my pack of Twizzlers & water so add another $20 to my tap and start the movie. Of course it’s going to be great.

R: I think it’s almost impossible for this movie to be bad. Like the first Avengers, no matter what happens it’s going to be a fun and rewarding experience to see all the characters we’ve known over the past decade come together. The only problem I could see coming up is Thanos. Maybe it’s because I’m not a comic book guy, but I’m not sold on the purple, Homer Simpson looking dude as the big baddie. Maybe that’ll go away when he rips Loki in half in the first 20 minutes. But a lackluster performance from Thanos could make it less fun. (It’s almost definitely going to great.)

B: Well, I love the Russo brothers, I’ve loved the latest string of Marvel movies, and I absolutely can’t wait for this movie. I already have my ticket sitting at home. I’m that hype over it.

D: I hope Thanos comes to life and rips the soul stone out of Robby for that Homer Simpson diss.

R: You can’t deny the similarities.

D: Thanos clearly has a membership to a gym, while Homer doesn’t so… But anyway my only issue is going to be the route they take with Thanos & Death…which I think will be replaced by Hela.

R: You both are clearly more hyped for this than I am, so I’ll ask you both as more loyal Marvel fans, if Infinity War isn’t the best MCU movie is it a disappointment?

D: I’m not sure it’s going to touch Spider-man: Homecoming for me. I literally cried at the end of that movie because I was so happy.

B: I think it has more potential to be the best than it does a disappointment. Whether or not its’s either remains to be seen.

D: It would have to be a total disaster for me to think of it as a disappointment. I’m going in knowing its going to set up for the next one, which I think will end up being the better of the two, so I’m not riding on the same high that Brian might be.

B: Ok well since Dan is doubting it, I’m upgrading my prediction to “definitely going to be the best Marvel movie”

R: Either way, I look forward to hearing both your opinions on it and telling you how bad those opinions are.

D: I’m not doubting it, but if pro-wrestling has taught me anything it’s they never give it all in the first match. It’s always the blow off match where they leave it all out in the ring.

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