Marshawn Lynch helps rookies with their 401k

Yep, you read that right.

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In an interview with Kenny Mayne, Tyler Lockett revealed some pretty surprising things about America’s favorite bad-boy runningback.  Basically Mayne was asking him about how he’s getting along in the NFL and who he looks up to in the locker room.  He told Kenny that Russell Wilson’s really helping him out and that he’s someone he can go to for advice.  He talked about how Marshawn Lynch helps him with a lot of things.  Then he dropped this gem:

Tyler LockettI know when I talk to Marshawn, you know Marshawn just helps me with a lot of things as far as just understanding my worth.

Kenny MayneIt’s funny the difference between the real Marshawn and sometimes the public perception.

TLIf you ask me, I think he’s a great guy. Even at practice, he’s helped us with the 401(k), talked to us about that.

KM: Marshawn was helping you with a 401(k)?

TL: He’s helped us with a lot of stuff.

KM: I love Marshawn as much as the next guy but hearing you say the sentence “he helped me with my 401(k)” is just plain funny.

To me, it’s kind of funny that a guy who throws away money just so he doesn’t have to show up to media functions cares that much about where his money goes.  But it’s refreshing, honestly.  After you hear all these stories of guys filing for bankruptcy 3 years after retirement and living extravagant lifestyles, it’s good to know that some of them (probably many of them – but a bad story gets more pub, right?) realize that taking care of your money is important.  Nobody questions Marshawn’s intelligence.  He just gets a bad wrap due to how he handles situations with the media.  I mean, the guy’s got a degree in Social Welfare from Cal-Berkeley.  That’s certainly not the easiest school to get a degree from.  He also does plenty of good with the money that’s not taken by the NFL in fines, giving away a  portion to charities throughout Seattle and his hometown of Oakland.  So besides football, it turns out Marshawn is just about that investment, boss. Way to help out the rookies.

Source: Sporting News

featured image: sfgate

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