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The Stock Market Mash-Up – Bulls vs. Bears

Mash Up

Even the best laid plans can be mired in folly. Thus was the housing market in 2007-2008 as the stock market tumbled also. This is also the story of this Mash-Up. As I had stated in the Mash-Up last week I had planned to use six Bears and six Bulls, but alas I missed one thing. UCLA didn’t play last week. So we took the Bruins out of the equation, as well as the Fresno State Bulldogs (they aren’t really a bull anyway), leaving us with 5 v. 5.

Baylor Bears
Central Arkansas Bears
California Golden Bears
Cincinnati Bearcats
Sam Houston State Bearkats

Buffalo Bulls
Colorado Buffaloes
South Florida Bulls
North Dakota State Bison
Georgia Bulldogs

So anyone that knows the stock market knows Green=Up=Bull and Red=Down=Bear, so I color coded for you. Let’s get mashing!

Bears1 Bears2

The first quarter was a real back and forth affair. Down by 10, the Bulls scored three straight to take a 44-38 lead. But the Bears, capped by an 83-yard Baylor touchdown took a 52-51 lead after the first.


The Bulls took the lead back by opening the second quarter scoring three straight and going up 72-52. However the Bears scored 49 straight points and began to command this game. Their price went from 52 to 101 in a matter of eight minutes and kept the momentum with a 118-92 halftime lead.

Bears5 Bears6

The Bears continued their dominance into the early third quarter with a fantastic 69 yard run by Sam Houston’s Timothy Flanders. The Bears stretched their lead to 135-92. The Bulls tried to scratch back but the Bears piled on more as Cal scores twice within five minutes and at the end of three the Bears were in full command 162-112.


The Bulls tried to rally before the closing bell and outscored the Bears 42-14 in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t get there, falling 176-154.

So despite the bull market since early 2009, its the Bears that win this Mash-Up.

Join us next week for the Directional Mash-Up – NorthWest vs. SouthEast. Unfortunately North Carolina and North Carolina State are off this week, so it looks like this:

Northern Illinois
North Texas
West Virginia
Western Kentucky
Western Michigan

South Carolina
South Alabama
South Florida
Southern Miss
East Carolina
Eastern Michigan

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