Man Does the Seemingly Impossible: Repurposes Smash Mouth Into A Brooding, Beautiful Cover Song

Holy shit, that Smashmouth song was moving. It was deep. Damn, that hit me right in the internet-feelings.

No one has ever said that before today.

I’m not going to fact check it, because I know certain things to be true.  I know that the earth is not flat and that the sun rises in the East, and that people don’t get genuinely moved emotionally when they hear the song All-Star by ’90s punchline Smash Mouth.  At least not until today.

You know how on all these cool, hip, websites where they hack your life by taking seemingly ineffectual nothings and turning them into something really amazing?  Like some guy takes toothpicks, coffe grounds, and spit and internet-Macgyvers that into a lithium-ion battery that can power your smart phone for 6 hours?  This is the musical version of that.

This is the musical version of Xzibit Pimpin’ someone’s ride.  Only that someone was Smash Mouth and the end result was truly fantastic.  This is Seth Boyer.  This is what he did.

Listen to it.  I already have, like, 10 times.  Then go buy his stuff because he’s obviously awesome and needs some of our money.  Here’s his website.


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