Luke Harper: WWE’s Most Underused Wrestler


Less than six months ago we saw all the parts coming into play for a Luke Harper push. It was WrestleMania season and Harper was involved heavily in the Randy Orton Bray Wyatt feud. Then one day the rug was pulled out from underneath Harper’s 6′ 5″ frame.

Pro-wrestling, especially the WWE, can be a fickle monster. One week a wrestler could be riding a wave of momentum and the next he’ll be left off of TV. Harper seems to be yet another victim of inconsistency.

Back at the end of May was Harper last televised win, when he defeater his former tag team partner Eric Rowan at the WWE PPV Blacklash. Since that win he’s been featured twice on television, in a losing effort against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal & in a battle royal for the United States #1 Contendership.

This is a guy, who not that long ago looked like he was lining up to feud with either Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, now he primarily competes in dark matches and house shows….so what went wrong?

Harper has spent the majority of his WWE run being an on again, off again member of The Wyatt family. During that time he’s been able to have a short run with both the tag team titles & the IC title. Both runs barely gave us a glimpse at what Harper could do.

Often described as the most versatile big man in WWE, Harper has seen his peers go on to receive monster pushes. Guys like Big Cass, Baron Corbin & former Wyatt Family member Braun Strowman all have been given the opportunity to flourish.

Smackdown, often labeled the land of opportunity, would seem like the perfect home for Harper to thrive has actually become a bit too congested with talent. New comers like Mike & Maria Kanellis are now taking up time, while acts like Tye Dillinger, Aiden English & Harper are struggling to find TV time.

Harper has seemed to connect with fans during his time on-screen, but at age 37 a major push seems to becoming less and less likely. As a fan, I’d love to see him get a similar run to that of Mark Henry during his Hall of Pain run. While I’m positive it would be an uphill battle for it to involve the WWE or Universal title a secondary title run would work. Maybe I’m just a dreamer but one great run that allowed him to showcase his talents and win over the entire audience with his remarkable agility & charisma would be ideal.

Like the headline reads Luke Harper is WWE’s most underused performer and it’s a shame to see someone who can go in the ring and on the mic be delegated to dark matches and house shows.

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