Lincoln Marathon Motivational Posters


I live in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A proud, weirdly close knit, beautifully-different than you probably think it is kind of place.

And, as a Lincoln resident, this time of year is typically known for 3 different things:

1) being painfully far away from our truest, most deeply held passion: college football

2) scores of lime-soaked college kids stumbling around from Corona Special to Corona Special in our downtown area like tequila-seeking missiles, and

3) The Lincoln Marathon is coming to town.

This third event has truly become one of the better mid-major city marathons in the country in the past decade, with climbing participation rates, a festive atmosphere, and a savvy group of people planning it each year turning it into an event that caters to skilled runners and recreational joggers alike.

If you’re not from here, you still likely have your social media feeds filled by your fitter, share-ier friends who are just dying to humblebrag their way through another 13.1 miles of selfies and sweat at any number of other Marathons/half-marathons across the country this spring and summer.

Since I will likely be witnessing at least part of the marathon itself, whether by my own choosing or because I’m jammed into traffic on my way to the closest self-loathing McGriddle Breakfast meal, I decided I would come up with a few signs for this signature event for the capital city of Nebraska. Feel free to print them out, reuse them, or drop your best signs in the comments below.

Good luck all you runners. May you have wings on your heels, courage in your hearts, and vaseline on your nips.

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