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Today, as part of my new Lady #RamsFan partnership, I had the opportunity to watch the St. Louis Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys football game from a VIP suite with my fellow lady bloggers. We also had a chance to taste some of the new food now available at Rams games this season. So here is the scoop on the new eats and the Dome for the next time you’re there for a Rams game!

Lady #RamsFan Bloggers at the St. Louis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys football game.

Lady #RamsFan Bloggers at the St. Louis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys football game.

(Author’s note: I did not try every food offering but I will post photos of everything even if I did not try it!)

Our first tasting was beef and chicken tacos from Carneros Cantina. This was one of the items I did not try, but everyone who did try them said they were very tasty!


Then they brought in one of my favorites … Strange Donuts! The flavors they brought us were: Gooey Butter, Maple Bacon, Camp Fire, Chicken n’ waffle and 5th Down. The Gooey Butter is one of my favorites so of course I couldn’t pass by a taste of that one! The Chicken n’ Waffle donut looked very interesting. It actually had a chicken strip on top of the (waffle flavored?) donut, but I wasn’t quite that adventurous today! And the Camp Fire donut had a marshmallow in the middle! Clever!!


Sugar Fire was the next vendor and they brought in Brisket Cheesesteak Sandwiches and Smoked Sausages. I tried the Brisket Cheesesteak Sandwich and it was amazing. I will definitely buy one of those at the next Rams game I attend!!


Are you sitting down? Crown Candy Kitchen brought in their famous BLT sandwich. I die. Since I had already eaten the Sugar Fire sandwich I just had a bite of Offspring #1’s BLT … but I’m telling you, this is must eat food at the Dome. Must. Eat. Food!!


Go for 2 Tavern (tell me again why we went for it on 4th and inches instead of taking the three points … oh, I digress) brought by some hand rolled pretzels. One was a regular pretzel with a side of cheese sauce, and one was a pretzel covered in cinnamon sugar and both looked delicious … but after Sugar Fire and some BLT I figured I should pass.


Finally, The Slice came by with 18 Inch Pizza slices … cheese and pepperoni, I really shouldn’t have but I had half of a slice of pepperoni and it was quite good!!


For dessert, Bissinger’s had two boxes of chocolate in the suite for it, and lets face it … you can never go wrong with chocolate!


The only thing that could have possibly made today better would have been a Rams win, but I guess we can’t have everything, can we?!

I’d like to thank Danielle Smith and the St. Louis Rams for this amazing partnership and I can’t wait until the next event!


Cheers! & LETS GO RAMS!!

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