Let’s Get Weird! Inside NCB’s NBA Draft Hive

By now, you’ve read every NBA Draft recap you can handle. You already know the Bulls are an absolute dumpster fire. You already know that the KANGZ had an honest to goodness serviceable draft. And you are already sick about hearing about everyone being sick about hearing about LaVar Ball.


If you landed on this site at the time of this posting, it’s obvious you don’t have sh*t to do.

So without further ado, I’m going to get you high tonight. High off of the sticky ickey goodness that was NCB’s “NBA Draft Hive”.

Just remember to stay in rotation.

The Slack chat starts off with some straight heat. Like infinity fire emojis. Seriously. Check this track out…

You knew we were in store for an eventful night after this.

Was Alex right or wrong with his take?

Aaaaand it didn’t take long for the Hive to get weird.

Seriously though. Those Air Bud comps were legit. I’m pretty sure that dog could post up Isaiah Thomas right now.

Remember this convo…

This would deserve its own 30 for 30 if it went down.

Grayson is going to be such a good heel. It’s going to be glorious once he gets into the league.

That thing I told you to remember earlier? Yeah…this is where it went.

This was too good not to include.

Also, I still count this as stealing a joke. Don’t do this.


When Jalen’s not too busy hooting and hollering, he’s actually pretty funny.

I swear we actually had some legit analysis in the room. But we didn’t want to bore you with those details.

Good night!

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