The LA Lakers Are the ‘Big Bang Theory’ of Sports Franchises

Now that I have your attention, let me explain why I just compared one the the NBA’s flagship franchises with the much-maligned yet popular series The Big Bang Theory.

“Everybody” hates Sheldon and company, but CBS shoves the product down our throats because the show pulls in ratings. They even created a god damn spin-off featuring the most annoying character* on the show.

*At least from what I can gather during those few minutes I leave it on TBS after Family Guy wraps up. 

“Everybody” hates the Lakers, but the TV overlords puts them on ALL THE NATIONAL TV GAMES despite how shitty they’ve been. They even feature the most annoying sports dad in the history of sports dads any chance they get.

Outside of the LaVar Ball thing, you can replace “Lakers” with any other popular sports franchise in the above example and this article would still work. What I’m obviously getting at is popularity does not equal quality and quality doesn’t beget exposure.

Yeah, yeah, the Lakers have been historically good, but everything is better in small doses. EVERYTHING.

You know how whenever Taylor Swift comes out with a new album, half of America wets themselves and the other half wants to blow their brains out when her tracks fill the airwaves? The latter contingent isn’t complaining about T-Swizzle because they are jealous of her or her fans. They’re complaining because no matter how “good” her songs are, they are going to be played on the radio 157 times an hour.

Radio stations do it for ratings, and publications and media outlets feature every possible story about pop stars just to get a reaction. That’s the Lakers, man.

“No matter what we do or say, they’re still talking about us!” Uh, that’s because no matter what you do or say, you’re still going to be featured on every media channel.

“Even when we’re not playing, the haters can’t keep our names out their mouths!” Yeah, but that’s because everything you do is over-the-top obnoxious. Like, Sheldon-asthma-attack-laugh obnoxious. We have to at least meet you half-way on the overdoing it scale when things don’t go your way, you know?

For better or worse and with or without a laugh track, the word “Lakers” evokes a strong reaction. Some just need to vent when they’re forced to hate-watch something.

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