Kid N Play Performing at Halftime of Tonight’s Nuggets/Grizzlies Game


Oh la oh la eh…

The Nuggets/Grizzlies match-up tonight at the Pepsi Center was already must see TV for basketball fans everywhere but those attending the game will be treated to a party. A House Party that is.

According to the Nugget’s Team DJ, Kid N Play will be performing at halftime of tonight’s “90’s Night” themed game.

As both a Nuggets fan and a Hip-Hop fan that is stuck in the 90’s this nearly made my head explode.


I’ll be at the game tonight and there’s no doubt I’ll be doing a little of this:

I’m hoping they hand out Yak Backs and Bedz works in the My Brother and Me theme song in his sets.

(H/T To my boy DJ Bedz)

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