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Kevin Sumlin fires poolboy over Twitter

Kevin Sumlin is doing his best Donald Trump impression over the last few hours.  First, his assistant coach for hitting players.  Now this.

Now, I can certainly understand the excitement around coaching searches.  And this kid was certainly excited to find out if A&M has hired a new DC yet.  One minute he’s living the dream cleaning coaches pool, texting his buddies that he saw coach on the phone, and wants to brag a little bit about his cool job.  The next minute, Boom….fired.  Weird thing is, he didn’t even @ coach.  Does that mean coach Sumlin is following his own pool boy on Twitter?  Either way, Sumlin’s pissed and his pool boy better start getting his resume back out there.  Best of luck to you, kid.


image h/t:, @mcfarlandrk8,

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