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Kendrick Perkins Just Had The Worst Playoff Run Ever…Literally

If you watched any of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Post-Wesbrook injury playoff games this year, it was pretty obvious they missed the mercurial point guard’s offensive firepower. What was also painfully obvious was that Kendrick Perkins was flat out terrible. You didn’t need to look at any boxscores to confirm what your own eyes were telling you – Kendrick Lamar would have been more useful to the Thunder.

If that was bad enough, once you did actually dive into the numbers, Perkins play was even worse than you could imagine. If you look at his Player Efficiency Rating, Perk had THE WORST PLAYOFF RUN EVER. Or at least for anyone that logged at least 200 minutes in the playoffs.




In fact, Perk is the only player to ever post a NEGATIVE PER. That is mind-boggling. That growl you see from him is pretty much the only thing left from the Pre-ACL Injury/Celtics version of Perk.

If Thunder general manager Sam Presti can pull of any sort of trade, even something like getting Kwame Brown in return, it would be a minor miracle. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but when the likes of  “I’m Only In There To Hack” Jason Collins, “The Kandi Man” Michael Olowokandi and freaking Frank Brickowski’s worst playoff runs were better than your “Championship Anchor” center’s most recent playoff performance, you do whatever it takes to rid yourself of that guy. Presti’s only option will probably be to amnesty Kendrick.

As a side note, it’s interesting to see the now “out there” Jason Collins have two of the top six worst playoff performances ever. What’s even more interesting is that every “smart” blogger’s golden boy Shane Battier shows up at number 19 for his current playoff run.

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