The Kansas City Chiefs’ Home Playoff Losing Streak, Explained in GIFs

There are few universal truths in life.

  • Never fight a land war in Asia.
  • Never trust a big butt and a smile.
  • Never bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win a home playoff game.

I don’t know how they do it, but once playoff time comes around, the Chiefs turn into that team that always loses to the underdog team in the movies. It’s crazy.

Since words can’t do it justice, let’s celebrate KC’s astonishing playoff misery with GIFs.

The stars of this GIF = KC, a win, and reality. Guess who is who?


Oh, you thought KC was going to end their playoff futility after building a substantial lead?



You got the W aaaaand it’s gone.



Chiefs to their fans every Winter…


Chiefs fan: Nice. No way the (insert team) can back now. I’mma run a quick errand.
Same fan after halftime: ….



So close, yet so far away.



Keep your head up, KC. It’s better to have love and lost, then to have never loved at all, or something like that.


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