Just a Reminder: April Is Dope

We have turned a page on the classic Gregorian calendar and April is upon us once again. I’m sure you’ve noticed the landscape around you becoming a bit greener and the air smelling sweeter. The sun is out more frequently and you’ve been faced with viciously pale people (me) walking around in shorts. That last one isn’t great, but the rest is, and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Sports.

April is a tantalizing mashup of seasons winding down and seasons beginning again. It all comes together in this 30-day window to create, quite possibly, the happiest time of the year. I’m sure you know this and have been waiting patiently throughout the long, cruel winter. Well, you can burst free from your winter depression. The sports world is renewed again.

Let’s have a quick rundown:

April 3/4 – MLB Opening Day(s)

Despite the fact there’s technically two opening days now, this is still an exciting marker for the beginning of spring dating all the way back to whoever created the myth of Abner Doubleday.

April 4 – Men’s NCAA Tournament Final

Even March Madness wants to finish in April, that’s how great this month is.

April 5 – Women’s NCAA Tournament Final

UConn winning this game is a tradition going back roughly 65 years. Look for that again.

April 6 & 10 – U.S. Women’s Soccer vs. Colombia

A U.S. national team that’s actually good plays twice in the states in one week. Catch ’em in person if you can.

April 7-10 – The Masters

The best and most beautiful golf tournament in a long history of great and beautiful golf tournaments.

April 13 – NHL (Stanley Cup) Playoffs

The start of a two-month sprint between the best hockey teams in the world. High quality games nearly every night for 60 days. Of course it starts this month.

April 16 – NBA Playoffs

The same as above, but with basketball. Can’t lose either way.

April 14 – WNBA Draft

You can bet on how many seconds it takes to announce Breanna Stewart as the No. 1 pick.

April 16-24 – World Croquet Federation World Championship

For real. It’ll be in West Palm Beach, Florida and a lot of fun. You can still enter into a qualifying tournament if you think you’ve got the chops.

April 18 – Boston Marathon

For you weirdos that enjoy pushing the human body past its natural limits, this is like a second Christmas.

April 28-30 -NFL Draft

Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay have spent the last five years preparing for these three days, that’s how important this is. That’s a hell of a way for the month to go out.

– – –

There’s probably more than that, too. Perhaps something even more obscure than croquet. You just have to go find them. Or even spend time playing sports yourself now that you finally feel comfortable stepping outside the safe, warm walls of your house. April is offering you so much goodwill free of charge, please don’t waste it.

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