Jürgen Klinsmann’s Calendar for the USMNT vs Argentina Copa America Game

Jürgen Klinsmann is one busy dude. He’s trying to prep the USMNT’s depleted roster for a massive, massive game against one of the best players in history (*Author’s note: Lionel Messi) and an Argentina squad that will likely be one of the best to face the Americans in a knockout stage in a very long time.  He’s trying to figure out ways to stay employed, fend off the idea that he’s gone stagnant in his coaching, and trying desperately a chink in the Argentinian’s armor.

So, how does a guy with so much on his plate keep organized on the day of his biggest match as the USMNT coach?  He plans out his day, down to the minute, with a meticulous schedule.  A schedule that we here at No Coast Bias have screenshot-obtained and now present to you for your own enjoyment.

(*Author’s note: as usual, the formatting is a little rough, so if you click on the image, you will be able to see if much clearer.)



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