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Johnny Manziel thinks your Bucket List is lame

Let’s face it, you would trade places with Johnny Manziel tomorrow. The kid is already living the life you wish you could, and he’s not even old enough to experience Vegas to its fullest.

The sophomore-to-be quarterback from Texas A&M has had a whirlwind year, taking the nickname “Johnny Football” to a status only achieved by Broadway Joe.

So lets take scoreboard of your bucket list vs. Manziel’s.

700.hqManziel’s girlfriend is a model.  You’ve always wanted to date a model.

And no, the girl you dated in high school that later became a stripper doesn’t count. Gross.

One day you’ll sit courtside, like Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson. Manziel has already been seen reppin’ courtside at a Mavericks-Heat game and a Rockets-Clippers game with his aforementioned arm candy, while striking “the pose” in the locker room with James Hardin.

You watched Michael Jordan in the 1997 “Flu” game on the tube, and caught His Airness in person a time or two. You’d give anything to see LeBron play live and do your own comparison. Manziel doesn’t just get to watch the King, he gets to be a member of the royal court.

You have followed rapper Drake since his acting days on Degrassi, and you have his most recent disk on shuffle in your 2002 Honda Civic. One day you’d love to be back stage for a Drake show.  Not only did Manziel meet Drake, but he’s pretty much a disciple, claiming that meeting the rapper “changed his life”. Manziel has been noted for sporting the brand and quoting Drake lyrics on Twitter.

Speaking of your Honda Civic, you dream one day of trading that bad boy in for a Benz. Manziel calls that Tuesday … every Tuesday. Johnny Football showed off his Benz after shooting a segment for ESPN.

You dream of taking down the house, Hangover-style, hoping for that one epic night in Vegas. Although Manziel isn’t quite old enough to bring down the Bellagio, he’s cutting his teeth quite nicely with his own wolf pack in a casino in Oklahoma, making it rain at a recent trip to the 18-and-over joint.

You dream of being a pimp on spring break. Manziel actually represents as the big man on the sandy campus, with women flocking to his side in Cabo.

You wish the video of your Foosball trick shots would go viral, getting you that 15 minutes of fame (No. 15 on your bucket list). But Manziel has learned the secret to that. He hits more than just receivers with this ridiculous trick shot video with Dude Perfect of YouTube fame (nearly 3 million views).

You’re a TMZ addict, and its time to admit it and get some help. But because of that, your bucket list includes snapping a photo with an A-lister. Manziel wins again, posing for this pic with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the Super Bowl (another bucket list item).

One day you are going to do something great, or at least moderately news worthy, and be invited to throw out the first pitch at a major league game. Manziel has been there, done that … twice. Once at a Texas Rangers game, and most recently offering this classic re-enactment at a San Diego Padres game. To top that off, he took to the cage during batting practice, rocking a Heisman patch on his Padre uniform, and belted a home run out of Petco Park. Bryce Harper beware.

Maybe the most important item on your list, break 80 at Pebble Beach. Surely Manziel couldn’t do that, right. Yeah … right. You should know by now, there is nothing Johnny Football can’t do. May 12, Manziel tweeted out that he carded a 79 at the famous west coast course. Still Johnny fell three strokes short of beating dear-old (rich) dad.

Impressive list for anyone, let along a college sophomore … and oh yeah, he won a little thing called the Heisman Trophy too. He’s got a great shot to become only the second player in history to win more than one. If you remember, his acceptance speech was fantastic, also.

So why is it that interspersed in all the above links, will you find so much skepticism and hate toward Manziel, most notably former Chicago Bull and TNT NBA analyst Steve Kerr? I can’t wrap my head around it, nor can I express it better than the eloquent column by CBS Sports Greg Doyel. Sure, not every college kid grows up with the monetary advantages he has, coming from a family that has enough coin to placate the celebrity lifestyle that Manziel seems to be leading.

Johnny Manziel comes from a financially comfortable family, and was driving a Mercedes in high school. He went to Spurs games as a kid, where he would watch from a luxury box purchased by his buddy’s family. It’s folks elsewhere, and they’re not worried Manziel will mess up. They’re hoping he will. He has had it too good for too long, the cushy childhood followed by the Heisman followed by Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox and LeBron and Drake.

How dare you not know what it feels like to be poor, Johnny Manziel.

So you go ahead and dislike Johnny Manziel. Whatever your reasons, have at them. Me? I don’t dislike him at all. I still don’t know what he has done wrong.

But I know what he has done right.

-Greg Doyle, CBS Sports

I’m sure every college kid would love to globetrotting through the list of headlines Manziel has made. He’s not living your bucket list, he’s just living. But we get all tied up in insisting he is breaking some kind of NCAA rule, because none of us quite understand where the NCAA draws the lines, nor have we seen any college athlete in such high-profile situations as Manziel.

So let’s just say you’re jealous. We all are.

Manziel’s celebrity is unprecedented for a college athlete, and be it jealousy, naivety, or some sort of unwarranted witch hunt, let’s leave the kid alone and enjoy watching the saga unfold, live vicariously if you must. Johnny Football is fast becoming a star, and an icon. Understand, however, the kid continues to work harder than most and set his goals at the precipice of greatness. The reality show begins again late August. In the mean time, re-asses that list of yours, as well as your opinion of Johnny Football.

Manziel waterboy

Johnny Manziel working on mechanics with trainer George Whitfield in the ocean as part of his San Diego swing. (photo via Instagram by way of Twitter)


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