What If “Jaws” Happened during the Twitter Era?

This week, America was lucky enough to celebrate Independence Day. July 4th came, saw, ate too much, nearly blew its hand off with a homemade sparkler bomb, and it conquered.

With America’s birthday, came a wide range of amazing things on Twitter, a truly renewable resource of crowd-sourced humor. Because Twitter is great. And it’s terrible. It’s all things at once and nothing. Among the things this past week that caught my eye was a renewed interest in the movie Jaws and — in particular — in watching it in real time. Presumably started by H. Michael Kremer as a way to have watch the film in a different, fun, and infectiously shareable way.

As Jaws unfolds, you are supposed to watch only the portion of the movie that occurs on that day itself. So, on June 28: when the Shark takes its first victim, you would only watch the 3 minutes of movie that occurred on June 28th.

This blending of an all-time classic movie, with social media in the present day got me wondering: what if Jaws wasn’t just watched in real time. What if the characters from the movie were actually live-Tweeting their experiences on Amity Island as they occurred? Let’s find out.

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