James Harden Signed for How Much?

Over the weekend, James Harden and the Houston Rockets agreed to a contract extension worth 4 years and $228 million. That’s an absolutely ridiculous amount of money. Now, when you consider that Kevin Garnett once signed an extension worth approximately the same amount of money as the franchise he played for (thanks Jonathan Abrams & Boys Among Men), it sounds less insane. But it has taken me the weekend to try and wrap my head around it.

I think the easiest way to try and fully understand how much money $228 million is, is to try and contextualize it. What, exactly, could James Harden buy once he starts making $500,000 per game?


 I started simple, with a burger that I’ve never tried, but have been given an earful for ignoring in the great “fast food burger” debate. Seriously. Try telling a Texas native that In-N-Out or Shake Shack is the greatest burger on the market. But put in some earplugs before you do it.

Just how much Whataburger can James Harden now afford with his new contract? Using, I ran the numbers:

  • Harden could buy nearly 78 MILLION Whataburgers, priced $3.09. That’s one burger, every day, for the next 202,154 years. Or, he could have one at every meal for the next 67,384 years. (*Just a side note, this would be a way more fun way to announce a contract. “The Rockets and Harden agreed to a 4 year, 78 million Whataburger contract extension.” “Carmelo Anthony’s buyout would cost the Knicks 7.5 million Big Macs and 67,000 pairs of Beats by Dre.”)
  • It appears that the Triple Meat Whataburger Meal is the most expensive single item on the menu, at $7.89. Harden could pay for nearly 29 million of those, and one every day for the next 79,170 years.
  • Finally, in case he has a sweet tooth, Harden could pay for 69.3 million chocolate shakes.


So it’s clear that Harden can indulge at this Texan landmark, comfortably, for the rest of his time on earth. But what about his other needs?

  • As he looks to take down the Golden State Warriors, Harden should find solace in his ability to afford 285,000 5-person Island Hopper Banana Boats (priced $799.00). That’s right— Houston could bring in Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James to join Chris Paul, AND there’d still be room for Harden on the banana boat. (Harden could also probably chip in towards the luxury tax to bring that group together.)
  • According to Google, the most expensive razor ever created was made by Zafirro, and features an iridium handle and sapphire blades. The price? $100,000. If Harden ever decides to shave his beard, I feel like he’d need a razor this powerful. And with his new contract, he could buy 2,280 of them.
  • This season, a fan made huge news by spending $133,000 on a pair of courtside seats for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Taking that as the new average, Harden can afford to buy a courtside seat for him & his new best friend Chris Paul for the next 1,714 NBA Finals games. That’ll be way better than watching from his couch!

Sure, Harden will probably spend his money on a combination of houses, boats, cars, family, and charity. But while he’s looking to spend all of the money left over after that, he has a good place to start.

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