Ignore Baseball for a Night

We’re in that slump in the sports season, soaking up every bit of NBA free agency and NFL training camp news we can. There is still baseball too – as there is for a large portion of the year. Two out of every four years we are lucky enough to see our country perform on the world stage in the FIFA World Cup and Women’s World Cup.

So please. Let’s put baseball aside for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, if you haven’t been watching already. The World Cup allows us to see the fastest, strongest and toughest players on the world stage. You can set your favorite baseball team aside for one night – and that’s if they’re playing on Sunday night, which only a handful of teams are.

Last World Cup cycle, the United States Women’s National Team fell to Japan in the Final. The last time the U.S. won a World Cup was 1999, and that one was in the United States. Not only is the World Cup champion trophy on the line, but they are playing some of their best defense of all time. If they complete another half of shutout soccer, they will hold the record for most consecutive minutes goose-egging opponents in tournament history.

As good as the defense has been, they’ve been having issues on the opposite side of the ball. The U.S.’s attack looked consistently dangerous for the first time in the tournament as they defeated No.1- ranked Germany 2-0 yesterday. When this attack is clicking on all cylinders, it is the best in the world. No one can stop it.

The World Cup is a whole different animal from the Olympics, which also take place every 4 years. It is one team playing one sport, as opposed to several different sports individuals and teams specialize in. There are no one-off countries that just dedicate all of their resources to taking penalties. The teams in the World Cup are there to compete as complete teams, as equals. That’s what makes it so sweet to watch your nation raise that trophy.

Need another reason to watch? The tournament is just north of the border, meaning the U.S. has a large group of supporters, meaning you might see someone you know – like a cousin or sister, or maybe the guy who kicked on your varsity football team, or maybe like the guy that you saw at your girlfriend’s friend’s house that one time. Okay. You probably won’t see anyone you know. Seriously though, watch your country try to become world champion. It will take an hour less than a baseball game too! [Insert closing with plug for NWSL here].

This article is a part of our ongoing “Opposites Attack” series where we aim to play devil’s advocate on hot topics in the sports and entertainment world while providing a fresh perspective of these subjects.

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