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Husker Monday Marinade – Third Time A Charm for Bo?

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I’m filling in for Brian this week and just like your old  substitute teacher I thought long and hard about just showing you videos and calling it a day. This is Championship Week though and the prize that has eluded Husker Nation since 1999 (wow?!) is within reach again after the Huskers clinched the Legends division this past Friday. So I’ll power through with your weekly food for thought…

Alright. I won’t be this guy and I’ll be the cool substitute teacher and sneak in one of my favorite Husker videos of all-time to get things started:

Nebraska may not be prepping for a National Championship game like T-Frazier and Grand Master Farley confidently were in that little freestyle session you just watched but this might be the most confident bunch Bo has had going into his three conference championship game appearances.

For one, the Huskers aren’t playing a team nearly as talented as the ’09 Texas and ’10 Oklahoma teams were. That’s not to say the Badgers don’t’ have talent but they are 7-5 for a reason.

Bo watches Landry Jones and his Big 12 Championship slip away in his last conference championship game appearance in 2010 (photo via

The ’12 Huskers aren’t nearly as talented on the defensive side of the ball as those Suh-Gomes-Prince-David-etc. led defenses but this year’s offense includes two running backs that have rushed for over 1,000 yards in a season, a 3-year starting quarterback and perhaps the best receiving core the school has ever had.

Beyond X’s and O’s and the Jimmies and Joes, this team just has that special mojo going. After coming back time and time again and rolling with that “win out” attitude since the Ohio State game this team just seems destined to break the 13-year conference championship drought.

Finally, the Huskers should be confident going into this for another reason. They beat this team already back in September. That means they should be able to do it again right? There’s definitely no guarantees in college football but this should be a good indicator of what’ll happen during the rematch right?

Let’s take a look at all the occasions there was a rematch from the regular season in a conference championship game. I only researched the championship games for the conferences Nebraska was in since it seems most relevant.

B1G –

2011 –

Championship game winner : Wisconsin (vs. Michigan State)

Regular season winner: Michigan State


1999 –

Championship game winner : Nebraska (vs. Texas)

Regular season winner: Texas

2000 –

Championship game winner : Oklahoma (vs. K-State)

Regular season winner: Oklahoma

2001 –

Championship game winner : Colorado (vs. Texas)

Regular season winner: Texas

2002 –

Championship game winner : Oklahoma (vs. Colorado)

Regular season winner: Oklahoma

2005 –

Championship game winner : Texas (vs. Colorado)

Regular season winner: Texas

2007 –

Championship game winner : Oklahoma (vs. Missouri)

Regular season winner: Oklahoma

Based on those results it looks like the revenge and familiarity factors definitely played a part in the rematches as only four teams out of seven were able to pull the double dip.

It just feels like the Huskers are destined to win their 1st conference championship since the Blackshirts crushed Major Applewhite and Texas in 1999 (photo via

Although this is a rematch you also have to consider that neither Wisconsin or Nebraska are the same team they were back in September. The Badgers are on their 3rd quarterback and Montee Ball is closer to his 2011 form than he was in that first match-up. The Huskers D hasn’t given up anything close to the 60+ they gave up to Ohio State and the team seems as close as ever.

Just to throw some more numbers out there, Nebraska is just 2-4 in conference championship games with Bo obviously being 0-2. Will his third time be a charm? Even with the recent injuries to starting defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler and starting center Justin Jackson I do think Bo will break through and Husker fans will be partying like it’s 1999.

Given the last six games how can you pick against these guys at this point?

Note: Be sure to look out for the NCB crew in Indy this weekend as Derek, Greg and Andrew will be attending the game and reaching out to Husker fans about their thoughts on the game. 




  1. Kha

    November 27, 2012 at 12:48 am

    I think this will be a tough game and I hope we win. Although the Badgers are 7-5. All of their losses have been close, either in OT (the last three losses) or by 3 points. One of those 3 point losses was to us in our own house. We should have been able to take care of business then.

    The main reason I am fearful of a poor result in this game is that they have a massive offensive line and we have an undersized defensive line (especially with the injury to Baker). If we can stop the run, or at least keep the running game to something around 150 yards, then we should win the game as their current incarnation at QB isn’t anything special.

    I think the score will be something close to the earlier matchup and could go either way.

    If we win and go to the Rose Bowl, I will be there cooking up some carne asada in celebration at the tailgate.

  2. Brian

    November 27, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Thank you for keeping the series going, I really appreciate it. Love the angle, probably not the one I would have taken, which is awesome to see how different minds take the story in different directions. Great job!

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