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Husker Monday Marinade – Four Square

Husker Monday Marinade

If you are lucky enough to play college football, you will only get four years max to play for your school. To wear the scarlet “N” of the Huskers or to sport the black “P” of the Boilermakers. Thus begins the story of freshmen Tommy Armstrong and Danny Etling as Nebraska traveled to Purdue Saturday.

Not that it was either player’s first time on the field. Armstrong has been heralded at the next great in a long succession of Husker quarterbacks after two solid starts in place of the very lucky four-year starter Taylor Martinez. And Etling is trying to conjure the spirit of Drew Brees, though looking more like a passing thought. Neither really lived up to any measure of hype in this game.

The number four played a huge part in this week’s win, so we attempt to blend math and art while telling a story problem, or a problem story, about Nebraska’s 4×11 – 7 win over Purdue in this week’s Marinade.

No. 4 – Check out Tommy Armstrong’s box score. He was 6/18 passing (33% for the fractional deficient) for 43 yards (less than eight yards per pass) and rushed 4 times for 5 yards. What does that equal? A 37-point Husker win, obviously. The Huskers played outside the box score.

Make no mistake, this was an awful game for the freshman. The opening drive was ideal. Armstrong was not asked to do a ton. He completed 3/5 passes and three rushes for seven yards. Add in 4×5 (20) yards rushing by number 4×2 (Ameer Abdullah) and another 21 yards by 4×8 (Imani Cross), and you have seven points.  Seemed like an easy solution.

Three – Then the Armstrong-led offense went three and out and the phenom No. 4 started showing cracks that No. 3 (Taylor Martinez) doesn’t have. His next possession, he floated a ball to the end zone that was truly and clearly a freshman mistake and one that Taylor doesn’t make. Armstrong followed that up with two more INTs giving him three on the day. For all I’ve said about TStrong being the future, he’s just that. My friends and readers that gave me that feedback last week were correct. This team, right now, is better with Taylor.

4×3 – Thank the good lord for No. 12, Ron Kellogg III. And I don’t mean just Saturday. I alluded last week to Kellogg being a stabilizing factor for the Huskers as they went into their first roadie and the senior quarterback played that part perfectly. He was almost like father bear to the Tommy cub and came in and performed a solid 10/13 passing for 141 yards and a touchdown. He’s been like that his whole career, and RK3 deserves more credit than he will ever get for his work as a Husker.

4×11 – Nevermind that the score of this one was 44-7, the story of this game was the artfully vicious play of Randy Gregory. No. 44, who chose to play at Nebraska over Purdue. Gregory had four tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble which he recovered. To top it off he personalized the scoreboard as his safety allowed the point total to match his jersey. Gregory might be the next great.

4-Squared – Stanley Jean-Baptiste (No. 16) was ejected from the game for playing football:

Apparently the ref’s didn’t like his flex appeal. Last year, that’s a good football play. Last year SJB get’s Heisman hype for that play and an ESPY, a la Jadeveon Clowney (yeah, he won an ESPY).  This year, its “take a seat, 16”. I got two four-letter words for that. Bull ….

More four letter words – Long …. knee …. ouch …. damn.

Four square randomness – Abdullah had 126 yards on 4×5 carries. He now has 4×204 yards on the year. Imani Cross had 4×4 carries for 4×14 yards against Purdue. He now leads all Husker rushers with 4×2 touchdowns on the year. Nebraska held the Boilermakers to 4×54 total yards (216), just 4×8 rushing. Quincy Enunwa caught 4 passes for 4×18 yards. The Huskers now rank, according to, 4×2 in the nation in rushing yards per game, and 4×22 in passing yards per game. Also, 4×5 in total offense and 4×3 in scoring offense according to Huskers turnover margin is now +4 on the year. They have scored 4×64 total points on the season, have 4 field goals and 4×8 extra points on 35 touchdowns (3 misses, not 4).

Nebraska now has a bye week and are hoping to get No.3 back or No. 4 might make his 4th career start against Minnesota.

Who needs, The Husker Monday Marinade trains your brain.

The Husker Monday Marinade gives us a day of rest to let game day soak in. It strives to be a voice of reason for a Husker Football fan base that is the most loyal, and at times the most rabid in the country. We encourage fan engagement and interaction. Please feel free to react on Facebook, Twitter, or leave your thoughts below.

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